It's a Girl~

It's a Girl~

Saturday, December 31, 2011

Christmas Eve…the clothes edition

So happy that Matt’s family does the pajamas tradition as well. I love getting new pajamas…well usually. Not a huge fan of the onesies from last year so I didn’t know what to expect this year.

So I was pleasantly surprised to get nice normal plaid. With a black shirt that stays Strong Families Take Effort. I told mom it sounded like such a mom quote. Hopefully I didn’t offend her since she came up with it. The other option they showed me was more entertaining but naturally somewhat naughty since the boys (Matt) came up with it.


Wow, that is a nice picture. Goodness gracious…you don’t know how hard it is to get everyone smiling in this family…This is usually what happens:


Boys and girls!


Don’t let Matt fool you with his innocent look…

And then the men folk.


So we all got the same shirt. I love that the girls got those jacket top things. I love wearing that so I can stay warm. Smile Good pick Mom H.

Happy Birthday Mom!


Okay this is really Christmas Eve but mom loves it when we post. So this is for you.

This was fun that they put luminaries outside on their driveway. Aaron and Seth didn’t even burn the bags either when they lit them!



This was the table that I helped sit. Mom H. made those napkin holders so that is nice. We all voted for paper settings so that is nice.


I made all these cookies. Yum. There were a lot of happy people about it.


I made these flower arrangements too. So talented.


I like this combination a lot.


Of course Dad H. loves having tons of food. It’s the Jewish within him.


This is my wall of fame in the kitchen. Nice eh?


Aaron is building the fire…or maybe he was just posing. Smile Here is my cameras fb pic.


This is Mei Ling’s sister and her family.


Andrea and Kristin’s talent was the Sisters Song from White Christmas.


The asian shepards.


Here are some randoms from the play. I was the sheep for the second year in a row. Or maybe I was the donkey last year. Either way I had the perfect costume pieces.


The three kings…they prepare for this all year round. I think that they picked these characters because there are about 7 verses to the song. So it goes on FOR-EV-ER.


I told Kristin and Andrea they were not allowed to babysit my children. Look at the poor kid.

Overall it was very fun to have so many people over. And so much food. Smile