It's a Girl~

It's a Girl~

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

This one’s for my dad


Lucy has been at a host family’s house in Ogden (AKA Marcia and Randy’s house).


There are a lot of kitties there who swipe at her. She is just so sweet though.


Matt took her to herd the neighbor sheep. She was SO excited!IMG_2466

This goat was the only one who dared stand up to her…but Lucy got her too.



Here is Jessie making a mad dash to feed the sheep before Lucy herded them away again.


The goat thought that if she got close to a human, that Lucy wouldn’t bother her…


Matt held Lucy so the sheep could eat but there was one brave sheep. Lucy got up and barked at her and chased her around. She told that sheep.


Here she is chasing the goat again. IMG_2485

I like this picture. Lucy is proud of herself. Smile


Such a pretty doggie. Smile

Sunday, November 27, 2011


We went up to Aunt Marcia’s house up in Ogden. They are so nice to hosts us every once in a while. They do an annual race…The Turkey Trot or something like that so here is the group ready to go. Don’t they look excited? Winking smile


This is Lucy saying, “where’s everyone going?”


While they were gone some of us worked in the kitchen. When they got back, the boys got assigned leaves in the yard, while the girls worked in the kitchen.


Cyd’s sister-in-law, Kelly, and friend, Leanda, came. Leanda is from England so this was her first Thanksgiving. Hopefully she had so much fun!


Marcia is an awesome cook and slaved away for hours!


They decided to try a roaster oven for the first time. I thought it turned out fine. It was a little more well-done than most people wished but I didn’t mind.


The girls working in the kitchen…well, they were anyway…


Randy and the boys with their leaves. Everyone had ditched out except for Matt and Randy by this point.


Matt riding in the back with the leaves.


Taking some rests. Smile