It's a Girl~

It's a Girl~

Sunday, June 29, 2014

Visiting Gpa C

We were going up to Ikea the other day when we decided that we should go visit Grandpa Catron. The kids fell asleep in the car so Matt went in to get Grandpa and then we just talked in the parking lot.
There were a ton of Geese and their babies around so that was really fun!
Grandpa was happy that he went down to Chris Catron’s wedding and showed us some pictures of that. He was so happy to see them and witness how sweet Yami and Uncle Bob were together.
He also told us all about the elephant seals. Those are his babies and he wants to take all of his great grandchildren down to see them in California. Sadie and Scout woke up after this.
Grandpa wooed Sadie even more by telling her he candy for he in his house. She loved it. DSCF0239DSCF0241DSCF0243
Then Sadie decided that she wanted to drive home with Scout in the front seat. She is pretty funny.
We loved spending time with Grandpa. He is a good man who delights in any attention his family will give him. We didn’t have time to go to Ikea after all but it was worth it. As the church says, “Family…isnt it about time?”

Friday, June 27, 2014


Sadie got a scooter from Grammy and Grampy for her birthday. She loved trying it in London and wanted to play with hers here. She is okay at it but something happened…perhaps she fell down and now she doesn’t want to do it anymore. But we make her go play with it. We need another kid to show her how fun it is!! Smile
Kristin and Seth gave us an adult one so we can play with her.
She has a little spot that she loves to hide in and draw with her chalk. Hope the people who lie there don’t mind!!
Daddy and Scout chillin’

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

The Bean Museum is Open!

We decided to go to the Bean Museum with our friends the other day. It has been closed for almost two years and so we were excited to have it back. It is free and is full of animals which is fun for the kids.
They had many really cool displays all over the museum. They had ocean, Africa, birds, bugs, predators, etc. It was really neat. They also had a play place for the kids which was small but very fun!
Bean Museum
Sadie wanted to hold Henry’s hand the whole time. He wasn’t a big fan of that. Here is a picture of her running after him to get him to hold her hand. haha
We had a great time and loved spending time with our friends.

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Scout is 5 Months.

and she is the big sitting girl!

She loves her sister. She loves any sort of attention. She and the Sadster have both been sick this last week but hopefully we will be over it soon.
-loves to chomp on fingers and anything in her mouth
-doesn’t really care about the binky unless it is right before bed or feeding.
-sleeps all night. (sometimes I wake her up at 5:30 so I can go workout but then she goes back to sleep until 8)
-has eaten rice cereal twice and LOVED it.
-Loves to swat at toys and loves to hold them.
-Tries to grab at our food
-loves to laugh
-tries to arch out of her Bumbo. (I can see why those can be dangerous! Smile)
-loves noise making toys
-Loves to eat her toes. And hands.
-can entertain herself for a little bit.
-gets distracted while eating…She has to know what Daddy and Sadie are doing. SmileDSCF0438
Sadie likes to help feed Scout.
We love this happy baby. She is so fun and I love seeing Sadie and Scout playing!

Monday, June 2, 2014

2 years and counting.

I can’t believe little Miss Sadie is 2! Besides the face that she has been behaving a bit more like a two year old for the last little bit it seems to have flown by!


  • Speaks in full sentences
  • Sleeps in the same room as Scout
  • Loves to be outside and throws a tantrum when we come in
  • Sleeps from about 8:30 to 6:30am
  • Takes 3 hour naps
  • Can count to five ( I think she can actually count to ten but she hasn’t actually done it for me)
  • Knows the letters O, Y, A, E, S, and T
  • Sings I am a Child of God, Happy Birthday, Old McDonald, Twinkle Twinkle, ABCs, The Wheels on the Bus, Popcorn Popping, Eensey Weensy Spider
  • Loves to read books (she pulls them off the shelves at night and at naptime so when we go in in the morning it is full of books)
  • Is a really good booty shaker
  • As I was writing this post climbed out of her pack and play several times (to the absolute delight of Matt)
  • Loves to push Scout’s stroller and her “baby stroller”


On another note, Scout is 4 months!!

  • adores Sadie—anytime Sadie smiles at her she smiles or giggles. She also follows Sadie around the room with her eyes
  • Rolls from back to front going one direction. She stays there for a bit and then gets mad about being stuck.
  • Rolls the other ways too but very rarely
  • Smiles ALL the time
  • Naps several times a day
  • Loves sitting up
  • Spits up after every meal
  • Tries to grab our food (she gets these crazy eyes and lunges for anything she can grab—which is usually my plate)


We love our babies and are so grateful to have them in our lives!!