It's a Girl~

It's a Girl~

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

On the 3rd Day of Christmas

we went to the Hogle Zoo, “This is the Place” Monument, and Temple Square…and had a visit with Aunt Mia and Tiegan and Uncle Brent. Smile
Sadie got some snack catchers from Grammy and Grampy, Matt got some nice wool socks, and Matt gave me some razors. He had noticed that I had hairy legs from it being Winter and me not wanting to shave…
Pictures to come later from those. Smile But for now I will just share our millions of pictures from our travels.
Sometimes the best things at places are the statutes you can get close to and take pictures with Smile
Hogle Zoo
But I was surprised to see as many animals as we did see!
Here are the bald Eagles. They were pretty.
We liked the seals. You could see above and underneath. I liked this seals tail. I didn’t know they looked like that!
Hogle Zoo1
Then on to the bears. I was super sad the polar bear wasn’t out because she was the new attraction.
Hogle Zoo2
Her Daddy loved to try to get the animals attention and dancing for Sadie
Hogle Zoo3
Here is a video of Matt trying to make the tiger come get the “little zebra.”
We had a good time. We saw that the “This is the Place” monument was across the street so we decided to go there as well.
Hanging with Brigham and Joseph
This is the Place
The monument is pretty cool. It was really cold and snowing though so we tried to make it quick.
This is the Place1
Then we went inside and looked at the museum. So cute huh?
After the monument we stopped by Brent and Mia’s to say hi. It was their anniversary so they were going out. Tiegan had a date also! They were so nice to let us hang out for a minute and gave us some Joe Joes from Trader Joes. (Basically oreos with a peppermint inside).
Then we went to Temple Square. It was still very cold but…
The flying Squirrel.
We went inside to see the Christus and then went and watched this family presentation thing. It was really good.
I felt like there were way less nativities this year…but maybe I am crazy. Smile
So fun!
We had a good time up there and love this tradition. Although we wouldn’t mind it being a little less wet next time! Hopefully Sadie doesn’t get sick!

Hanukkah Party

Daniel and Jessica invited us to a Hanukkah Party. It was really fun. They made Lahkis (sp?) and chicken and got donuts. They were delishous!
We traded presents here too. Here were ours for Daniel and Jessica.
Hanukkah Party
Clearly they got Star Wars themed things. Smile Seth and Kristin opened theirs next.
Jessica wrote really good notes on all of them. Thanks Jess!
Unfortunately, both of my camera batteries died after these pictures so that is all I have.
But here is the toy Daniel and Jessica gave Sadie Smile

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

On the Second Day of Christmas

Sadie got A bib from Grammy and Grampy Catron. It reads “These Fools put my cape on backwards”
hhaha. We loved it! It is big too so it keeps food off her clothes too!
Sadie enjoyed eating my socks from Matt from Day one.
Matt got me a thermometer—the one that tests from your forehead. It was super nice!
Matt got a Scheel’s Gift Card.
Here is a video of Sadie trying a raspberry/pear combo

Monday, December 17, 2012

On the First Day of Christmas

my true love gave to me!!!!!
Since we are going up to WA for Christmas we decided to open some of our presents from my family and each other in the days leading up to Christmas. Saturday the 15th was Day One for us.
Some awesome knee high socks! It was a 3 pack and they are awesome.
Matt got to open some peanut butter filled chocolate footballs.
Sadie got to open her big present from Grammy and Grampy Catron. She LOVED it.
It lights up and sings and has some fun toys and balls. She had so much fun playing with it and watching the lights.
She got to play for a little bit and then Henry and Amy Buck came over to hang out for a while. 
Henry really liked the toy too. (Even pushing Sadie out of the way). haha. Naughty
Amy then proceeded to sit on Sadie.
Sadie enjoyed it though. You can see that she is holding Amy on in the last picture.
Sadie laughed and laughed when Amy was sitting on her.
All in all, it was so fun and the Bucks tired her out so she took a nap on their couch.
Good presents today!! Thanks Grammy and Grampy!

Sunday, December 16, 2012

Am I the best wife ever? Maybe

Oh yes. I definitely did make dinosaur french toast for my husband Smile He loved it. And I love him. He works really hard for our family and loves us so much. So it was fun to do something for him.