It's a Girl~

It's a Girl~

Sunday, April 29, 2012

What a weekend!

Friday started us off with Matt’s birthday. He is really excited because we all pitched in to get him a bike.

Matt's bike

Hopefully it will be here soon in the mail.


2 years ago today we started dating. In Costco. No surprise there for anyone who knows him. I thought about saying no because he asked in Costco and I wanted to be snarky. But alas, how can you resist his charm and love? so I said yes. And that started our love life.

First Datetrekkers


1st anniversary.

How fast the last year has gone! I love Matt so much and it is fascinating to see how much my love for him has grown in the last short year. Such bonding happens in one year. Anyway, I love you Matt! Thanks for putting up with me! Here are just a few fun pictures to reflect our last year together. Smile


Senior Celebration


Cruise Ship OneCruise Ship two


I love you!

Happy Birthday Mom H.


We are so glad that we get to spend this special day with you! Thanks for being so willing to share! We are so grateful for your influence in both of our lives, especially in Matt’s. He has a lot of great qualities that you helped him grow and mature. Thank you for being so generous and taking good care of us! Baby H. is so excited to meet her grandma!


Happy Birthday and we hope your day is wonderful!