It's a Girl~

It's a Girl~

Saturday, January 31, 2015

Oh Christmas Tree 12.3.14

We went with Kristin and Seth and Chrissy to go get our tree this year. We just went back to the place we got it last year and bought one. This year it was 24 dollars or something like that.
The girls enjoyed helping us get it ready.
We love tree hunting. We will have to get the pictures from Chrissy from this! (I think she sent them to me but I can’t find them Sad smile

Thursday, January 29, 2015

Christmas Girls 11.30.14

Christmas Girls
Trying to take pictures of them is always a challenge. But I love them.

Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Chillin’ at Grammy’s 11.23

Trip to Grammys1
Grammy is so good and does music time with the kids. They love making their own noises and then trading with each other to get a different one. Scout loved playing with them!
We played a lot at Grammy’s house. She has the best toys! Ada and Sadie and Lorelai were the best of friends. A lot of times though it would be Sadie and Lorelai because Ada is pretty independent. She is hilarious though. Ada is so great. Lorelai is very sweet.
The kids loved looking for the deer every day and Jonathan liked going sledding and playing with everyone. He was good to do some studying too while the girls mostly colored.
The last night there we had “Christmas.” That was really fun and Sadie (and Scout) enjoyed opening up some presents. Kara bought a piƱata at the store and so she filled it up and Grampy helped the kids do it. They were so excited to get the candy and cool finger lights out of there. You will notice in the pictures that Sadie kept eating the candy. I am not sure if anyone else got any because she kept coming back all night scarfing more. Kara also had a pin the something on the turkey. I can’t remember what it was but the kids liked it. I don’t think Sadie understood it though.
Trip to Grammys2

We loved playing with our friends/cousins the Morgans and were so glad we could go visit them!!
Sadie was really sad to leave everyone. And she was sad to leave Lucy too.
We left Thanksgiving Day and I can say it was the worst flight I have ever been on. The kids were crabby and the flight attendants were not as friendly as usual ( I attribute a lot of that to the fact that we didn’t sit in the back row this time). The person who chose to sit by me wasn’t friendly or helpful at all. We didn’t get to drink our hot chocolate as there was turbulence and they took everything back before it had time to cool. I also got my migraine thing I get occasionally on the descent of airplanes. It is a searing pain in my eyebrow area. It hurts so bad so I was like bawling on the way down.
Scout really likes to look out the window which is great as long as Sadie doesn’t want to. Otherwise, it is a big fight. hahha
Sadie likes to look at all the magazines they have and throw everything in the back of the seat on the floor.
We were so happy to find our Daddy. We love him and miss him when we are away.
We stopped at Grandpa Catron’s on the way back. It was good to see him but he wouldn’t come to Thanksgiving dinner. Rats.
We went over to Kristin and Seth’s apartment (even though they were in Seattle—super nice of them) and had Thanksgiving dinner with Meiling and Andrea. It was really nice and Andrea did a great job preparing the food and everything!

Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Park With Grampy

Grampy is so fun! We had a blast going to the park on day with him while everyone was off on an adventure. We went over to a park in the neighborhood by theirs and played. It was fun. DSCF0575DSCF0576DSCF0577

The kid’s love Grampy (except when he got them with too many snow balls—then there might have been some tears).


Someone peed her pants. Whoops.


She said she had more and wanted to go in the grass but she didn’t end up. Good thing I brought a change of pants!


The kids love the Dusty plane Grammy bought. They liked riding it around the house.

Saturday, January 24, 2015

Frozen and the Nutcracker at Grammy’s

Kara and I took the older girls to the Frozen “exhibit” one day while Mom babysat Jonathan and Scout. It was pretty cute. The kids loved the “snow” that was falling in the snow globe.
They had a blast throwing it at each other and at Aunt Kara. It was so fun.
Trip to Grammys
We liked seeing Sven too!

Friday night we went to the highlights of the Nutcracker. Grampy babysat Scout (He said Scout crawled all around the house looking for me—she even climbed up the staircase which I have never seen her climb stairs before!!) The kids did really well for most of it. After about 40 mins though Sadie was done and started wandering around.
Sadie did not want to take pictures with the characters. She gets so shy sometimes. They gave all of the kids nutcrackers which they loved!

Monday, January 12, 2015


We were driving to church one Sunday in November and saw that someone had forgotten to turn off the sprinklers at the Rec. Center. It looked pretty cool and since it was not melted after church we decided to check it out.

I thought that it looked so cool! Look at the neat bulbs at the end of the grass and the giant icicles! So pretty.


Some guy there was really nice to take a family picture for us.


Sadie wasn’t sure what to think.


This is what the change looked like. Green grass and trees all surrounding this one area.