It's a Girl~

It's a Girl~

Thursday, December 26, 2013

BYU Choir concert

Matt is awesome at getting people to give him free things. We laugh (well I do) because I enter a lot of giveaways and win sometimes but Matt is always getting people to give us things…(ex. free peaches from a BYU professor, tickets, etc). He came home from class one night and said we had to leave right then to go to the choir concert. I was pretty sure we weren’t supposed to bring Sadie to it but we didn’t see anything in the fine print on the back of the tickets so we brought her.

My friend Rachel had posted on her facebook that she was in it so I was excited to go see her, especially since Matt knew her too.

Right when we got there we saw on the FRONT on the ticket “No children under six.” Whoops. They didn’t even say anything at the door though.


Sadie did really well…even if this picture makes it look like she didn’t. We just gave her some mambas to eat and she was happy. She only tried to sing with the choir once so that was good. She really liked the fast songs (and I did too because I didn’t have to worry as much about her making any noises.)

I was so confused at first because the choir came out and I couldn’t find Rachel ANYWHERE. I thought I was going crazy!! Matt couldn’t find her either though. We didn’t have a program so Matt borrowed one and we discovered after a while that there were two choirs performing. PHEW.

After the concert we met up with Rachel’s roommate and one of my friends from high school Elisabeth. She is just about the sweetest girl ever. We talked to her and then Rachel came and found us. It was fun talking to them since I haven’t seen either since before their missions. It hit me hard how different our lives were now even though we were the same age. I told them they were still young and single and I was an old mother of almost two babies. haha. Anyway, here are some pictures.


It was so nice to catch up with them and we really did enjoy listening to the pretty music.

After Matt and Sadie ran around and played with the snow. She really likes to kick the snow.


Thanks Matt for getting us some tickets and getting us out of the house!!

Saturday, December 14, 2013

Christmas Tree Farm

Remember when I said Sadie loves the dog?
 Looking out the window for him. You can see him out there. She did this several times.
Asking Mom to take her to "dog-dog"

Later that afternoon...

We went to a Christmas tree farm with the family. Matt left in the morning so he didn’t get to go, and Aaron had to go to work, but Grandma, Andrea and I went and then Grandpa met us there. I don’t have a lot to add on commentary so just enjoy.
Unfortunately, by the time Grandpa got there Sadie was cold and done. I was pretty cold too since I didn’t have a jacket. She was not happy.
I LOVE this picture. I think it is so funny. I might put it on the Christmas card! Poor little baby was done!


They did not end up getting a tree which was totally fine but we really enjoyed looking around and taking pictures!

After we went and got Thai food. Sadie was a good sport and tried a lot but she was tired.

She was so tired but didn't want to sleep in her bed so she slept on Grandpa.

Grandma with the kitties. She held the sleeping baby later.

Probably one of the most enjoyable days there!

Friday, December 13, 2013

This Baby Loves Baths

We had to keep the door closed to Grandma and Grandpas room after finding her drenched with the water praying everywhere!
She asked everyday (sometimes even after getting one) for a bath. She smelled really good up there!

Thursday, December 12, 2013


We were fortunate enough to be able to fly to Washington for Thanksgiving. Sadie and I left on the 23rd and Matt came the day before Thanksgiving. Unfortunately, I forgot my camera and so I didn’t take any pictures until Matt brought it up. So we will start with Thanksgivng. Smile
It started like any other day. Sadie yelled for the dog, “dog-dog.” Then she tortured him by following him around and trying to hug him. Good thing Tag is such a tolerant dog.
The boys started out with some foosball. Sadie decided she wanted to join in. She loved throwing the little ball in for them to play with and randomly move the knobs.
They decided they wanted a more real game so they moved her back.
Love those little faces.
These are actually from the night before but we will put them in here anyway. Smile Sadie enjoyed helping Andrea make the apple pie.
She loves to try and wink back at you but all she really does is squint both eyes.
We ate around 3 or 4 and Andrea and Aaron were good enough sports to entertain the kids so we could eat in the dining room. Then Andrea entertained all of the kids for several hours while the boys were playing video games. They made Whip Cream for the pies. The kids loved it!
Andrea was even nice and let them taste test it as they made it.
Then she let them lick the utensils at the end. Sadie was thrilled. She loved having the boys and Lexi around.
Tyson and Jackson are so stinking cute!
Andrea and Grandma entertained them by helping them draw Thanksgiving pictures for a bit too.
Tyson gave us a concert while we waited for the program.
Then we played tunnel for a long time. Sadie loved it! Tyson—not so much. He wouldn’t go under the blankets with everyone. He did enjoy jumping over the couch with everyone though.
We had a short program and finished the night off with the kids throwing things and making a mess. It was fabulous. We didn’t get Sadie to bed until late but she had a blast! (Matt had a full-blown cold though so he went to bed at eight. Poor guy).
It was a fun day. Good food and good company! Thanks Hoffmans for having us up!