It's a Girl~

It's a Girl~

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

So they think they are models.


Definitely a cool background. Thanks Macaroni Grill. And thanks Mom Hoffman for taking us there. Smile

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

The Last Hurrah

Carson was at the BYU basketball camp and so Matt and I came over on the last day to cheer him on. Sorry they are a little dark.


We made this sign but everyone wanted to hold it. It even got a standing ovation from Carson’s team.


haha. Poor Garrett’s cheek. I think someone took a bite out of it. Just kidding. Here we are, the most fabulous fan club ever! Great job Carson!

Friday, June 24, 2011


We have enjoyed having groups of our families come stay at our house here in Utah. Yes, our apartment is small but it has hosted many loved ones so far including…


Our mothers Smile

GRandma Betty

Grandma Betty Smile


And our cousin Justin.

Not to mention we have had many visitors, too many to count. Smile It is a happy home. Come visit us!

Happy Father’s Day


We went and ate at Daniel and Jessica’s. Thanks for having us over!! The food was delicious and then we enjoyed each other’s company. The other girl in the picture by Jessica is her sister Amanda who recently got married as well. So fun. Anyway, we were watching “Human Earth.” (Or something like that). haha. It was really interesting and we enjoyed it. We watched the one about rivers and enjoyed that they show you how they film some of the story lines. It was fascinating!

Thursday, June 23, 2011

I Hate My Oven

Or maybe I just have bad timing? And I forget. Anyway, this is what normally happens to me when I try to cook something.


Yes, those are burnt. Sad huh? So then I go and mope on my bed Smile


Good thing Matt hated those cookies anyway. haha.

My Mom is the best!

She made us curtains and look at the transformation!!

We went from this in the kitchen…not too shabby.


To this. Much cuter and way more colorful!


And from this…(A black fleecish blanket") cute huh?



To these cute heart ones Smile We are so blessed.



She made some sheer ones that Matt thought would look good as a skirt. With a slip of course. Smile

Hanging with the Whitlock's

So I just posted about having visitors, and we have truly enjoyed many. Among some of them were my cousins from the big CA. Smile

First we decided to eat dinner in Matt’s and my front yard. provo-library

The Yard in bigger than it looks. But it is nice! Smile We ate pulled pork and fruits and chips. It was delicious. Matt and I played “Pickle” with the kids so that was fun too. They had a LOT of energy.

Then we decided to take a walk to the creamery on 9th.

I was worried about the little kids. It is kind of a far walk. On the way over we walked through campus.


Garret climbed up to be with Karl G. Maeser. That is a big man to live up to dude! But it was cute.


I love taking pictures of Blake. He is a cute little guy. And loved getting his picture taken.


Brooke and Christina…can you tell which one is photo shopped? SmileIMG_8803

Checking out something in the Erying Science Center.


Christina got a makeover. What do you think?


If only my husband and Blake weren’t making such faces! Winking smile On campus. I was supposed to get the “Y” in it but the zoom on my camera was too big and I didn’t want to change the lens. haha.

The next day we decided to take a hike to Bridal Veil Falls. I told them it was more of a jaunt then a hike so they would go. It’s really like 1/4 of a mile.


Here is the beautiful falls. I loved it and the kids had fun in the water.


Maddie, what kind of face is that? Are you in pain?


Carson is such a good brother…and so deep in thought. IMG_8841IMG_8842

Garret is quite the man when it comes to these things. He is the most like Matt, wants to explore everything and doesn’t mind getting wet in the process. Smile


Crossing a part of the Provo River Smile


Lovely sisters!!


Yes. We are cool. And we love waterfalls!


Haha. They make me laugh

on bridge

The great photographers. Of course the only pictures I ever saw were the ones that were either on my camera, or that I took. haha.

It was really fun to have them all here and we loved having the energy around. Especially cause then they could wear out Matt Smile