It's a Girl~

It's a Girl~

Sunday, March 25, 2012

Some randoms

We like to do family dinners on Sundays, a tradition that started with my family when we were all here. Sometimes we host, sometimes Daniel and Jessica host. Here are some pictures from those evenings.

Daniel and Jess

Hanging out on Daniel and Jessica’s couch. We were playing some Kinect thing.


Here is Henry being so helpful and helping Matt do the dishes.


WhaaAA? This isn’t my third cookie….

Sometimes we go laser tagging. We have the Pass of All Passes so it would be foolish not to. Matt is a good sport even though he doesn’t enjoy it as much as the rest of us do. We were really excited to go this time. Can you tell? Jessica’s twin brothers came with us.


I know it is blurry, but check out the head on that body!P1070085

We have received a LOT of postcards recently. Thanks mom C. They are so nicely decorating our fridge!


Silly me…


That is my whoops face. I didn’t realize that Matt had already cut up some lettuce so I cute up my own. Smile

Matt and I went to one of Chrissy’s games for water polo. They are in the top division.


Water Polo is very dangerous and rough.


Can anyone say leading scorer?

Chrissy and Signs

Big fans!

Chrissy and Jeff Signs

Overall, we have been doing some very fun things the last couple weeks. Smile

Friday, March 23, 2012


I was sneaky and asked Matt what he thought about a Groupon for Sammy’s when he was hungry and starving for burgers (This was during the time that I didn’t let him cook meat in the house because it made me sick). Needless to say, he agreed and we have been holding onto it for a long time.

We finally used it the other day inviting Randy and Jenny Buck from next door to come with us.P1070130B


Henry loves to take pictures.

The burgers were good and the shakes were amazing. We got fries as well. Too bad it was like a million carbs for all that! I was good though and saved my shake for later on and drank it for the next couple of days.

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

St. Patty’s and Diabetic Brownies.


I told you that he poses. He looks cute and then at the last minute changes to more of a pained expression. Matt has probably been teaching him this naughty behavior. Winking smile


Randy is fired. He wasn’t wearing green so I made him take the picture. He took like 5. Everyone one of them is blurry. Sigh


Matt wanted brownies so we decided to try a recipe with splenda. This one the maker was really excited about so we thought we would give it a try. How do they look?


Final judgment?


Chrissy said it tasted like the white part of hard-boiled egg.

Matt said they just tasted bland and eggy.

I took one bite and decided they were just gross.

Well, that’s one recipe we will never have to make again. Beware the diabetic splenda recipes!

Monday, March 19, 2012

Happy Birthday Jessica Hoffman!


These are some of the reasons that we love Jessica. Smile


Not only does she make good food—she eats it too!


She loves the Super Bowl

IMG_3146Dan and Jess--Artists

She is not afraid to get in touch with her animal side. IMG_3065

She likes to eat free samples.


And she is not afraid to chew gum.


She looks nice even when no one else in the picture does Smile


She loves warm donuts from Pikes Place


She sports awesome suits.


She makes great faces.


She tries to keep my husband in line for me.


She lets Daniel have some spotlight sometimes. (And points out funny signs)


She loves to Ice Skate. P1190565

She is really competitive and fun to play games with.


She has large muscles…(nurses need them!)


And she is an awesome sister and puts up with all the crazies (not speaking of myself of course Smile)


Yeah, we have good times together! Happy Birthday sis! I hope it is wonderful for you!

PS (Obviously there are about a million other things I could say about her but this will just have to do!)

Sunday, March 18, 2012

29 weeks!


We are so excited! I look huge in this picture. Don't be fooled :)