It's a Girl~

It's a Girl~

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

First Snow

It snowed for the first time this year on November third as we were leaving church. Sadie didn’t know what to think at first but then I couldn’t get her to come in. Matt had to go chase her down.IMG_1536IMG_1538
Not sure what Matt’s face is about in this picture Smile
There she is trying to make her escape. Stinker Smile

Monday, November 18, 2013

Just some Fun Ones

We entered a contest to win free bread. We used this picture as our entry. We didn’t win though. I think we got third place.
Just one of our walks with the pretty fall leaves. We like to walk down to the park that is two blocks south and play there.
We told Sadie it was time to go in this last picture and said goodbye. She didn’t care, she walked right back to the play area and didn’t really care if we walked away. haha. Stinker.
Matt loved to get Sadie to stand under the trees and then shake the branches so that leaves would fall down on her. I love these leave. I think they are so neat.
I love the tree in the last picture because it had all the fall colors on it—red, green, yellow, orange…so pretty! They don’t usually have all of the colored leaves on one tree!
On another time…I threw these cinnamon rolls away…guess who dug them out of the garbage and was walking around the house eating it? Yuck!

Saturday, November 16, 2013

Give Me the Candy!

We bought passes to the Rec Center and they were having a Halloween Party so we decided to go over there (since it was free with passes) and see how it was. Sadie was excited that they gave her a big candy at the door and ended up carrying it around for the rest of the night. I don’t think I got a good picture of it though.
She wore the monkey costume earlier (thanks Marcia for both costumes) but it was a little small so we decided to put her in the pink poodle costume for the party. It was pretty cute. She was really excited about it being a dog. (In fact the next day she carried the costume around and talked to the dog and kissed it all morning). haha.
Matt was in class so Sadie and I headed in to do the games. The first one was a Tangled station and she had to get the crown. She didn’t really get it but she did get to go down the slide. She really liked the squishy balls they had in the mini pools though.
After Sadie and I went Trick-or-Treating and met some characters. We met more princesses here then we did at Disneyland Smile
Halloween Rec Center Party
She was really freaked out the some of the stations—we met Alladin and Boo and a ton of different characters. She figured out that if she got to pick from the bowls of candy that she could grab more than one so she wouldn’t really take it from the characters. (That and I think she was scared). I thought it was really funny that she would just walk up to the bowls and grab a handful—like two or three each time.
Matt was able to join us earlier than we though since his class got out early! Yay! Which meant that he got to carry her around because we were tired. Matt made Sadie a candy bracelet. She wasn’t a fan at first until Matt showed her how to eat it. In the next picture you can see her holding on to her candy. Both of them. Smile
We went back and did the cake walk and Matt helped her with another game. I would love to know what she was thinking. Must be odd for kids to see all these people dressed up and giving her free candy Smile
The last game we went and did was a pumpkin race in the lazy river of the pool. Matt helped her. We got there first and that lady told us to grab a certain pumpkin since it was so fast.
Sadie didn’t like the splashing that came from throwing the pumpkins in the water. Matt helped her run around and follow the pumpkins around. We ended up getting last place but we still got some more candy.
I saw my old friend and co-coach Aubrey so that was fun.
The last thing we did was go to an animal show. We got to meet this really big snake.
Showing her tongue like the snake.
After this we were done (at least I was…) so we headed to go get some food. We had a gift card to Taco Bell so we headed over there and got some food. My two cuties waiting for food.
Kristin and Seth came over after their work party and joined us for a bit. Sadie loved playing “weeee” With Aunt Kristin.
Then she decided she was done for the night. Probably too much candy! Too bad I waited until now to get a shot of her with the actually hood on. She wasn’t diggin’ that.
Ready for bed I think.
It was a fun day and I think Sadie loved it. She will be even more excited next year. Maybe next year we wont be as lame and actually carve pumpkins and dress up…Maybe.

Thursday, November 14, 2013

Halloween Morning

Matt, Sadie and I headed down to the Pumpkin Patch that we love in Springville. It is free and awesome. We wanted to get a big pumpkin to put Sadie in again for this year. We started by going down the slides. Matt sent Sadie down  by herself and she was super mad about it. I had to catch her during those so I only have a picture of them going down together. IMG_0826
Then we went over to the maze and tried to hide from Sadie. She didn’t love that…
Good thing Matt is really fun for her so I can just take pictures Smile Then we headed over to the animals which is by far her favorite part. Matt helps Sadie feed the animals and she LOVES that. She usually drops the food before they get to it but she still likes it.
The donkey’s name was Jack. Personally, I thought that was a kind of funny name for a donkey…IMG_0858IMG_0859IMG_0865
She loved the baby pig the best. Then we headed over to the big person maze and walked around that for a bit.
The had a huge stack of hay that Matt and the Bug climbed and played on for a bit. She loved looking at the other kids that were playing as well.
IMG_0881Halloween Pumpkin Patch
Then we walked over to the actually Patch part and looked at the pumpkins for a minute. There weren’t any big ones over there either so we headed over to this tractor that Matt spotted and made a beeline for.
Matt decided to do some spinning jumps over the hay stacks. Sadie wasn’t impressed…(I was though).
We walked around back to the front. Unfortunately there weren’t any big pumpkins for us and so we didn’t get any. THat was a little sad but I guess that is what we get for waiting until Halloween?
We stopped at the corn pit one more time before we left and they played for a little bit.
Sadie’s Dad is so funny. We said hi to the horse as we left. Sadie loves animals but gets pretty nervous when we try to touch them.