It's a Girl~

It's a Girl~

Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Wakeboarding and Sausages

We went out early on day three to go wakeboarding. I LOVED it. It is so fun. I got up all three goes but only stayed up for at the most ten seconds. It was a blast though. I am right foot forward. I tried left once and crashed about two seconds in. But I was really excited for the opportunity. The last and only time I had done it was 11 years ago on this same lake. DSCF9167DSCF9171DSCF9172DSCF9175DSCF9176

I got back and Sadie was happily playing away with Grammy and Chrissy. Sadie was so happy to have a bunch of kids her age to play with. She loved it.


My favorite was when Callie went on the dock and started pushing everyone off. Most of them just abandoned ship after they saw her push someone in. Then she gracefully jumped off too.


I am really sad this is blurry but I like this picture


The kids loved later when Grampy was rolling them up like sausages. Sadie laughed and laughed.


The puzzle people and cute Chuckles.


I love that my girlies love to play with each other. So fun!


Friday, August 1, 2014

Reunion Cont.

The rest of the week was a blur. It went by so fast and was just filled with so many fun things. I loved that Sadie and Maggie got along so well. Callie and Andrew were so nice and planned for car seats and bumbos and pack-n-plays for me so I didn’t have to bring them. They also got the food and planned well for the little kids. They did a great job. The bought so much food that we didn’t have time to eat it all.
Everyone was super helpful with my kids. They would watch them for me so I could go play. Especially Grammy and Grampy. They were wonderful and sacrificed so that I could go play. They are so sweet to STILL be sacrificing for their kids and grandkids.
These girls loved the beach! The water was perfect. It wasn’t to cold and felt perfect with the humid air. I forgot how different that feels than dry Utah! Look how beautiful the view is! Jess and Mary Alice have so many toys that we were able to play with. It was awesome. I loved paddle-boarding. It was so peaceful and n ice to just be out on the beautiful water!
There were things for everyone to do. Paddle-boarding, kayaking, boating, swimming, playing in the sand, sitting and talking, etc
We were so happy that all of these people came. Not everyone could come but we loved having as many as we did!
Mom did a lot of the planning and she did a great job. There were so many things we could do. Mom did name that tune which was really fun. Everyone on Callie’s team always won though so maybe not the funnest for everyone else Winking smile I was on a team with Blake though and he was shocking me with how much he knew!
DSCF9060DSCF9061DSCF9063DSCF9066DSCF9070 - Copy
Look at this beautiful lady! What a wonderful lady for us to look at and see such a shinning example. We love you Grandma Hatch!
While Sadie was sleeping I went tubing with Carolina, Lynsday and Blake. It was a lot of fun. Uncle Jess was such a good sport letting us do this and taking the boat out for everyone all day long.
The first time I went out with Lyndsay and we had a good time.

This place was beautiful!DSCF9089
Got to have one of the knockoff!
What a blast. The water felt so good every time I went in!