It's a Girl~

It's a Girl~

Saturday, January 28, 2012

Some new Changes…

to our home. Okay, really just our kitchen. I got in on of those reorganizing moods last night sow while Christina an Matt watched LOTR (which I am not a big fan of,) I did some changes to our kitchen and cleaned!

1. A snack Drawer. I bagged up all the different things that we will take for lunches and put them in a drawer for easy access. IMG_3247



2. I put all of our baking stuff in smaller Tupperware's for easier access and a cleaner cupboard too. (Mom you can be so happy that I labeled everything as well!) Now you don’t have to mix the salt for sugar. It looks so much cleaner!IMG_3251

I also made the bottom shelf the cereal shelf and took the spices and put them here rather than them just collecting dust on the counter.


I took all of the cookbooks from the drawer and put them in our pantry on a shelf. They don’t all fit right side up but it is easier to get to.


And I restocked and organized the pantry as well. So clean now.


I was exhausted when done but that’s also because it was a long day, I was sore from running and by this point it was 11pm. Whoo!

(And for those people who think I slaved away while Matt was goofing, he cleaned the rest of the house while I was taking a nap earlier. Such a nice husband!)

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

New outfit

Matt was kind enough to let me buy one girls outfit in honor of knowing the gender. This is the dress that we chose.


Yes, I kind of am a sucker for yellow and black…hence my wedding Smile Here aunties Kristin and Andrea will be pleased to note that it is not pink.

While we were searching Matt came across a must-have…for either our boys or for the 9th girl we have he says. It is five Michael Jordan onsies.


This one is my favorite of the five.


Sunday, January 22, 2012

We are having a baby Girl!

As Christina already showed, we are having a girl.Here are the ultrasound pictures we got from the doctor. They said baby is 12 oz. Almost a pound. Which is awesome because my net weight gain is –2 pounds. Whoops.

Girl Power

Clearly, that one shows that this baby is a girl.


Babies Arm


I love this one with the little fingers. Smile So cute


Little legs!


Sweet profile. Thanks baby girl for being cooperative.

They said that baby looks super good and healthy which is nice. I have to go see a special doctor to see how often I need to get ultrasounds from now on thanks to my diabetes. Not that I am complaining about getting to see my baby a LOT though! YAY!

Saturday, January 14, 2012

Happy Birthday Dad C!

My dad is the best. And now he is an old man Open-mouthed smile

Here are some pictures of my father at his best.

My dad loves to river raft.

Mandy's, Dance, and Wenatchee 016Mandy's, Dance, and Wenatchee 018River Methow 008River Methow 015

Sometimes he even lets me go with him. I had fun training to be a guide for Boeing with him. We went on a lot of rivers together!

My dad loves to play outdoors and go hiking.

Trek 023Trek 151Trek 178Trek 280

My dad loves education.

Graduation 258

Thank goodness we will all graduate from college and High school. Not in that order though…

My dad loves to cuddle and take naps. I must have gotten my napping talent from him Smile

moms 2008 parent weekend 217moms 2008 parent weekend 222

Dad has a good family. So nice!

Wedding, Home, School 045

My dad loves to play laser tag. And he is good. He taught us the strategy of following small children around to win. Smile Nice eh? Let’s just say I never place below 5th Smile

oms 041

He loves his animals. So sweet.

Fun! 019oms 023

And torturing his grandchildren. (oops I meant coming up with really fun new games).

Home! ) 126Home! ) 139

and teaching them to be as smart as he is.

My Ward Can Party 046

And he loves spending money and taking us out to eat….

Graduation 276

Okay, that was kind of a joke, but we are out to eat in that picture.

He loves his wife.

moms 2008 parent weekend 215

and his children.

Kara's Wedding 029

I love you dad! Thanks for all that you do!

Trek 151

Sunday, January 8, 2012

We love Will and Kate

I love Will and Kate. We got married that day because we love them so much. We only got one memorial platefor Christmas, so that was kind of disappointing, but we'll get over it....
But keep that in mind for next year okay!

I love Presents! <3


Everyone is so excited to open their presents. Smile There was all sorts of peace and joy as we were doing this.


That is so weird that Santa wrote this on my DVD. We each got a DVD in our stockings. Matt got SALT and I got Beauty and the Beast.


We also got a lot of candy which we all put in a bowl for everyone to share.


Matt opening some presents. This is oddly what Santa wrote on his DVD…


Everyone is so happy to get their presents.


Even Dad. Someone made him a Costco Collage so he was happy.


More presents. I hated that present of Seth’s because it would mysteriously bump into our door in the middle of the night and make a lot of noise. Not such a fan of that.


This was my gift from Mei Ling. Bling Bling…







It actually turned out to be this





Kristin and Andrea had a little dance party to Aaron’s new Ipod.


The boys showed off their muscles and skills.


Jackson. I think he is so cute. And Matt carrying me up the stairs. It was scary.

Overall it was a very fun day filled with much joy. Thanks Hoffman Fam!