It's a Girl~

It's a Girl~

Friday, October 31, 2014

The drive home…and cousin time!

We had such a great time visiting Grammy and Grampy in Denver. But alas, all good things come to an end and we had to head home to Daddy! We decided to drive a different way home so we could see our cousin Marci and then stay in Ogden to go to the open house for the Ogden Temple the next day. It was a longer drive but it meant less driving the next day.
Here is the beautiful sunrise after I went beyond Denver.
A funny buffalo at the top of the hill.
We stopped right into Wyoming to check out the rest stop there.
They had some pretty cool animals to look at.
They also had some funny things to try on. Aren’t my little robbers cute?
So precious! They liked the interactive things they had at this rest stop.
They also had an Abraham Lincoln statue thing outside. It was fun to look at.
It was FREEZING cold though so we made our stop there short and got back in the warm car. We drove through a TON of traffic and construction and were so happy to finally get to my cousin Marci’s house. We were sad we didn’t see Jeff but were happy to see Thomas! Sadly, this is the only picture I got.
Marci was a champ playing with them when she was 7M prego or so.We had a good time with them and played for about an hour and then moved on.
We took one more long stop in Green River. We got some food and ice cream, sat on cool saddle chairs and then went to the playground and climbed for a bit.
I really liked this playground. A little but harder for little kids but it was a lot of fun. Sadie liked it and loved watching the other kids play.
There was an advisory for strong winds and hail the size of golf balls. We were going through more construction and it was frustrating to go so slow when we had so far left to go, but I really like the cloud I saw.

I thought that it kind of looked like a tornado cloud as it was spiraling more and more as we drove under it. It was pretty cool.
We got to Aunt Marcia’s house after a long day of driving. It probably took us 13 or more hours…I can’t remember what we did. It was a long drive but we were glad to see our cousins. Matt and Chrissy came up about 2 hours after we got there and we were happy to see them!

Thursday, October 30, 2014

Denver Drive

Someone asked if I would babysit their kid throughout the school year. I told them I could but that meant we had to take a quick trip to Denver to visit Grammy and Grampy before the school year started. We left at about 5am on the 19th of August and drove. I felt prompted to stop and take a nap like an hour in but didn't listen. After that any time I stopped Sadie woke up. So I was pretty tired but we safety made it to a rest stop in Colorado. It was like 19 miles in and pretty cool.
We looked around at the War Memorial for about an hour. It was pretty neat. They had a helicopter and statues for the kids to play on. Scout’s sad face is when she fell off the suitcase statue and hit her head on the ground. It was really sad.
Denver drive
We decided to check out the inside of the rest stop as I needed to feed Scout and change diapers. It was really neat because they had toys and books there for the kids to play with. Here is Sadie feeding her baby while I was feeding Scout. Amazing what they pick up on eh?
Later we stopped at another rest stop about 2 hours from Denver. It was really neat as well. It was a ski resort area so there were a lot of fun things to look at.
They had a lot of water fountain things.
They also had a children’s garden.
It had a lot of really neat wind toys in every shape and form. Sadie liked them a lot. DSCF9460
Sadie’s (and probably Scouts too) favorite thing though was the little digging area. They had some beads in there that Sadie dug up and she was so excited. We took one with us and Sadie was constantly putting it in her mouth. (Grammy made us throw it away when we got to her house though—I guess it IS a choking hazard. Smile)
It was a good drive and we were excited to finally be there. It was a 7 and a half hour drive but we did it in probably 9 or so hours.

Hanging with Grammy (and Grampy too!)

We were so happy to finally be at Grammy’s house! I had been talking it up for the last couple days. They did sooo good on the drive but were still ready to get out. Right away Grammy showed Sadie some deer. I think it might have been her favorite thing about the whole trip. She kept calling them “My deer!” and love looking for them. This one let her get pretty close!
But then it ran away.
The movers and cleaners were there when we visited so we did some unpacking at their house to try to help out. They had a lot of neat toys to play with. We had a great time playing around their house.
One night we went out to eat. The food was pretty good and that was super nice of my Dad to take us out.
They had thunderstorms every night so it was a lot of fun to see. Sadie loved that. Every time we hear them at our house still she says Grammy’s house!
She loves the deer!
We went o Chickfila with my Mom one day. Sadie enjoyed playing in the playplace. There were a bunch of big kids there though that kind of ran her over. She was acting shy and wouldn’t move.
She didn’t want to move but she was glad she did since Grammy got a shake to try!
We had a good time there. Scout wanted the shake too but she had to settle for this unopened fruit squirting thing.
After food we went over to the mall to look around for a minute. We were trying to scout out the toys to play on. We found these cool saddles and animals to say hi to.
Unfortunately Sadie was crabby by this point. She didn’t want to pose for any pictures.
The girls liked looking at the roofing guys setting up. That is my parents unattached second garage. Pretty nice eh? They both love rocks too so they played with those while they watched.
Sadie loved to help unpack things at Grammy’s house. Grampy kept saying they were presents for her so she LOVED it.
Yes, it was a show every night with Grampy unpacking. They have some pretty strange things…cool stuff too!

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Seven Peaks

Yes, I think this baby is pretty cute. She is the co-star of our lives. She loves water.
Anyway, we went to Seven Peaks with Andrea and her friend Lexi. Matt met us there also. It was a lot of fun. The girls took Sadie on the slide so Scout and I waited for them. Then Sadie and I went. The line was long though so that was a pain.
Seven peaks with andrea
We spent a lot of time in the wave pool as well. Andrea and Lexi are good sports to play with Saders so much.
We decided to wait for Daddy and take a break. So we played
“Where’s Scout.”
We played with Daddy for a while and then went home. It was awesome!!
We have Pass of All Passes which are basically the greatest things ever! WE definitely get our monies worth!