It's a Girl~

It's a Girl~

Monday, October 26, 2015

Ryan and Nadia’s Wedding

We drove out to Nebraska a couple days before the wedding. We stopped at Cody’s Trading post to take a little walk while Matt slept for a bit.

Ryan And Nadia

The kids were happy to get a treat and pull everything off the shelves. haha.

We got to Nebraska and went straight over to the law school for a tour. Matt’s Uncle Ed lives like 3 miles from the law school so they were generous enough to let us stay at their house. We had a really nice scholarship offer from Nebraska and so we were considering it for a couple of reasons.

1. Pay less than BYU (with scholarship and cost of living)
2. We would be more needed here in our ward and as missionaries for the church
3. We have family here that we do not see as often.

IMG_9115IMG_9125 - Copy

We drove out the next day to go down to Kansas City for the wedding. We were meeting the rest of the Hoffmans down there. We had a dinner with everyone and the food was delicious. A lot of work done by the family which was awesome. We learned a lot of Jewish traditions so that was neat.

We went down to Liberty Jail to visit and explore. It was really interesting and a wonderful piece of church history.


After this they had the “bridal shower.” Basically we all just went and gave advice and talked. Nadia’s mom read a letter from her grandmother that she wrote while Nadia was still in the womb before the grandma died. It was beautiful.

Later that night we ran out to go find some clothes to wear to the wedding. Last minute I know. We found some cute clothes at Target. When we got back from Target we found out that Matt had fallen asleep in the hotel room and Sadie left the room and walked around the hotel then went down the elevator. All by herself. She was hanging out in the lobby and they called the police. The police knocked on the doors and/or called every room on the first 5 floors until they got to our rooms. They knocked on my Aunt Pam’s door and asked if she knew. She realized it was Sadie and went down and got her. When they knocked on Matt’s door and asked him he realized she was gone. By then she was basically upstairs anyway. SCARY! But I am so glad she was safe!

Apparently she was looking for the free food they have in the mornings. haha.

The wedding was on Sunday, March 29th. We hung out for a while and just enjoyed the family. We took a lot of pictures.

Ryan And Nadia1

The women all hung out to give advice to the bride and the men to the groom. Then the mensfolk came in to get the bride and we all went in to the ceremony area.


The ceremony was lovely and we really enjoyed it. The men and women sit on different sides. The girls were noisy and Sadie kept asking if one of the pictures in the synagogue was of Jesus. haha

We took pictures and played for a bit.


We played frisbee. This is when Andrea and dad feel in to the bushes trying to catch it. hah

IMG_9301 - CopyIMG_9324

Then we had dinner and dancing and it was lovely! We had so much fun! The girls loved dancing and Sadie danced with this boy and Scout all night.


It was an all day event and we really enjoyed it. The girls did great and just loved it so much!

We drove back to Grammy’s house and had some fun stops on the way.

Ryan And Nadia2