It's a Girl~

It's a Girl~

Thursday, May 30, 2013

Dear Auntie Chrissy, (An Update)

How is everything going? Betcha never expected to get a real letter from me eh? ;) Better send you some pictures though if I was sending you your wallet. Sorry it took me so long. I am lazy…Mom has been telling me to hurry up. I told her I was waiting to write a letter to send to you so I figured I better just get on it while Sadie takes a nap.

How is everything? We love reading your emails and looking at your pictures. You are training? That is pretty cool but probably hard too? Thanks for the spiritual reminders too. Those are always good for us after we forget everything that happened on Sunday. How’s the weather? Winter time for you eh?

We celebrated Sadie’s birthday this weekend. It was very exciting. We went to Seven Peaks on opening day on her birthday and swam for a little bit. Then I had to work but she hung out with some people and had a good time. On Sunday Matt was a good sport and helped me take some pictures of Sadie. We used your camera. Hope you don’t mind. I LOVE your lens!IMG_7262

Mom bought Sadie a “Baby” for her birthday. She LOVES it. It is so interesting to see the maternal nature already in babies. She gives the baby a drink and kisses and holds it all the time. She does steal its fake binky though. Haha. It is really cute though and very much a favorite.


I did a Very Hungry Caterpiller theme hence the book and giant stuffed caterpillar…we found the big one a TJ Maxx for three dollars. Can’t beat that for awesomeness…

Sadie Photoshoot

She loves cake.

Sadie Photoshoot1

Then we had people over for cake later. I found this Justin Beiber cutout at a garage sale and he came to her birthday too. Naturally, because of his great morals and example he was a hit at the party…especially with Randy Buck ;).


Monday we went to my Costco party where we won some prizes and then we went and saw the last 40 minutes of a movie at Matt’s Costco party. Pretty exciting. Then we had a barbeque with the Hoffmans. Then Matt and I cleaned up for ever. My blood sugar has been over 200 for the last couple days making me nauseated and tired and hot. I can’t get it back down so I will probably be going on insulin. Bummer. Matt really wants to buy a truck I think I told you. He works 11 hour days. 5 hours at Costco and then 6 at a maintenance job.

Memorial Day

Sadie has decided today that she wants to walk. She hasn’t really wanted to the last couple months (since she took her first steps) but today she stands up and walks around everywhere…even outside.

Did I tell you that Matt got an electric guitar at Costco? Haha. Crazy man. He wants to resell it though so we will see how that goes! I decided to go limited part time at Costco instead of quitting so I could keep my foot in the door. And so we could have a little extra income. So I will work every Friday night and all day Saturday. Ahaa. Those last few pictures were from Hawaii. We had a good time. We are going up to Washington in july for Kristin and Seth’s wedding. That should be fun! Oh Stephen and Heather Richards are pregnant again…Tara Lechamgskghjjfht just had another baby. Can’t think of anyone else who you would be interested in…Ashley Falcon got married. Ethan Hatch got married. Kylie Jones married a deaf Uzbekastan guy. Met him he is super cute. Great personality even though we couldn’t talk to each other. Nope, I am not pregnant. Sorry. J Maybe you will be here for our next kid eh?

Anyway, probably time to wrap this up. We love you. We will try to write more now that I am not working. Have fun and always listen to the spirit. Prepare yourself to be a mom! And a wife. You are a daughter of God and he wants the best for you so even when you get discouraged and distracted just pray to remember that. I am so proud of you for giving your all to the Lord.

Love, the Hoffmans

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Checkin out the Beach

We love the beach. 
We all were up probably before 6am. It was really nice to be up so early and we all wanted to go check out the beach. Aaron and Seth really wanted to find a coconut tree and get some but they found these on the beach to play with. 

Sadie and her Daddy really enjoyed looking around. It was beautiful and we got to watch the sun rise. 

It is so pretty looking at the beautiful palm trees and walking in the sand. This is the life!  

We walked down the beach a bit (Matt, Sadie and I) and discovered these LOTR trees. 
In case you were wondering Matt is holding the "one ring"

And here is the sun rise! So beautiful!

Yay for the first time in sand!

The boys together! Well, most of them. It seems like it will be a fun trip!