It's a Girl~

It's a Girl~

Wednesday, October 31, 2012

we carved a pumpkin,

here are some pictures enjoy

Pumpkin Patch4

sadie did the carving

we also wanted her to scoop out the pumpkin…she wasn’t having it.


sadie washed her hands after she was done working


and her face…


little did she know she was about to get a lot dirtier…

Pumpkin Patch5

she warmed up to it, kind of…

Pumpkin Patch6

don’t worry sadie washed all the pumpkin guts off. She was extra spoiled, she got Jacuzzi jets on her front back (and some on  her head) and lots of toys to play with!

Happy Halloween!

Last night Matt, Sadie and I went to the Pumpkin Patch across the street from the school I used to work at. It is called Jaker’s Jack-o-lanterns. Smile I love pumpkin patches. It is so fun to go and see and pick your own. And it is even more fun now that we have a kid
Pumpkin Patch
Sadie loved posing with the pumpkins. She was just relaxing in them.
Pumpkin Patch1
We had a good time picking a pumpkin.
Pumpkin Patch2
Sadie is SOOOO strong!
And we took a couple family pictures.
And Matt threw the baby in the air so high.
After we found the perfect pumpkin we went over to join in the festivities.
We posed with some hay, took a hay ride and went through a maze.
Pumpkin Patch3
A couple more family pictures Smile
We had a really good time and enjoyed the patch…Carving post to come later. I can’t wait to do this every year! It is so fun!

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

My birthday!

It was awesome. Matt had Riana and Lexi come over and bring me breakfast. They are so cute and it was so nice! They got me Creamery Chocolate milk, eggs, bacon, and smiley-face pancakes.
That afternoon I went to practice for Reagan’s volleyball team and then came home. Matt treated me to Pizza Pie CafĂ© and it was delicious. We went home and got ready for the game.
Sadie loves the football games. She really likes all of lights and people. And thank you mom for the BYU onesies!
Sadie’s second game was the game against Hawaii. Every other section was a different color. It was so cool to see the stripes!
Matt was nice to hold Sadie a lot. He was worried about her ears because we were right in front of the band. So he took a dish cloth and covered those precious ears.
Sadie loves her fingers. So fun to suck on apparently!
This hair was in front of us. Blocking the view. haha
Sadie likes to lick things now too.
IMG_1030 - CopyIMG_1036
Matt and I had fun taking some action shots.
My birthday!
Sadie’s other new trick (She was LOADS flirting with the boys behind us)
IMG_1072 - CopyIMG_1077IMG_1078
Thanks for the birthday bows mom!
I wanted to win the Wellsfargo money but my sign was too small and they didn’t even ever show our side.
My beautiful baby and her handsome dad.
The after-game family shot!
One of my presents from my mom was a fish-eye lens from my mom.  We had fun playing with it.
My presents. So spoiled! As usual!
Best Birthday ever!