It's a Girl~

It's a Girl~

Saturday, January 30, 2016

Sadie 3

May 25th, 2015
Sadie had a pretty calm birthday since we were having her party a different day.
She is such a joy. She talks a lot and says funny things like
"What the...?"
She loves riding her scooter and her bike (we got at a garage sale)
She doesn't want to be potty trained
She loves her sister
She loves nursery
She loves to sing all the time and jump around on the couch.
We had a few friends and family over to celebrate the actual birthday.
We love this girl and are so glad she is healthy and happy and a part of our family.

We did a joint princess party with her two friends who were turning 3 in the next month or so.
We were lucky to have Cinderella, another princess and prince Charming come to the party along with a lot of our friends.
We decorated papers, played, ate and just had a blast!

I loved that piƱata. Saw it on pinterest and thought it was so funny!
Becky, an employee at Matt's Costco offered to make the Princess cake for the party. It was sooo nice! She was so sweet to do that. It turned out fantastic!
All the siblings were nice to come and support and help out with the party :)

 The kids loved the pink frosting and cupcakes.
Here are the birthday girls--Jessie, Kelsey, and Sadie

My mom was nice to let us borrow her bouncy house for the semester and party. The kids loved it!!

We had such a good time with our friends and family. The Bucks were here, my Mom made it. The Wings came along, Jessie and her Mom and of course all mine and Matt's siblings. It was a blast and we are so glad Sadie is 3! Now here's to potty training!