It's a Girl~

It's a Girl~

Monday, March 31, 2014

Saint Patty’s

So I better get this up in the month of March or that will just be silly! Matt said he wanted corned beef and cabbage and I was really dreading making it. So we were really lucky that the Buck’s invited us up to be with them. Jenny is a really good cook and so nice to want to play with us all the time.
This kids love to have their picture taken!
They are so funny. I made the girls tutus while they were away and had them wear them to the party. Some of the tulle I used though was glittery and so there was a bit of glitter everywhere. Sadie’s car seat was covered in glitter by the time we got up there. I still think they are really cute though. Sadie was excited to play with Amy’s baby.
IMG_0073 - Copy
I wanted a picture of the girls with Matt so I had them pose. Unfortunately, Sadie was a little bit grumpy and then Scout started crying too. Bummer.
I wanted to make sure that we got a family picture before dinner so that everyone was clean and cute.
Amy was OBSESSED with Scout. She kept saying baby and pointing and touching Scout. It was really cute. Good thing Amy likes babies since they are expecting!
The guys were good and played ring around the rosies with the kids. They absolutely loved it and kept doing it even when the Dad’s were done.
Afterwards, Sadie gave everyone hugs and we went home.
I had to get one more picture of Matt torturing Sadie before she went to bed. So fun.
We had a great time and are glad to have friends like the Bucks! They were good to do FHE as well and we enjoyed being a part of that!

Sunday, March 30, 2014


So Matt and Sadie went up to Washington the other weekend to go to Hunter and Riana's wedding. It was a major debate for me of whether or not to let Sadie go since I was worried about it and would miss her but it ended up being really good for me to have a little break from my sweet but energetic toddler.

I dropped them off at the airport and took a few pictures of them to start their journey. I told Matt one of his assignments was to take 30 pictures a day for me so that I could see what they did. (I figured he wouldn't take that many but if I kept saying thirty then maybe he would take a couple here and there.) Sadie was excited to go on the airplane. We will see if she still likes airplanes after our London flight ;)

Here is them on the airplane. I will let you see the rest and see if you can tell what they did all weekend...

Hanging out at the Hoffman house (I think). Matt went to Yakima to look at the DO Medical School down there. He seemed to really like it. While he was touring Sadie played with her cousin Clark, Uncles Aaron and Daniel and Aunt Jessica.

From the wedding reception. I guess Sadie really liked dancing. She loved the confetti too.

They found some deer I guess so they took a picture with them. So exciting.
Sadie really liked the train I guess. They rode it around a bunch.
They said they had a good time but I was sure happy when they came home to me. I wish we had gotten a FEW more pictures but I guess he did okay.



Saturday, March 29, 2014


This little girl loves to be outside. She especially loves it when her Daddy is outside with her! This time they decide to venture out in the rain. Sadie loves to jump into the puddles when it is raining. Makes for a pretty wet kid. I think I posted about how Matt really wanted rain boots for Sadie and then we found some awesome ones at  a thrift store on our date. Well, perfect time to use those! I only have pictures of them when they came back inside. Glad they had fun but I was happy to stay inside!
Rain boots

Thursday, March 27, 2014


are pretty much the best thing ever. We love hanging out with other kids because then they can entertain each other and we parentals do not have to do as much.
It has been BEAUTIFUL here in Provo this March. Not great for drought season but good for toddlers who need the outdoors to get some energy out. Sadie loves to play with babies and strollers. In fact, it is really hard to get her to leave the stroller so we can go other places. So, Cami and Kelsey’s stroller came with us to the duck pond. Sadie pushed it the whole way. (We took it away at the duck pond though so it wouldn’t get poop all over it).  IMG_9913IMG_9915IMG_9922IMG_9926
There is a picture of me. Yes, its my backside, but it is proof that I actually am at these playdates.
I love these pictures of them standing on the fence. They love watching the ducks swim around.
Kelsey took a detour into the tree hole while Sadie ran to the other side to get a better view of something.
Then Kelsey joined her.
Spring brings awkward events about…such as ducks mating. Although it looks like they are trying to kill the poor girl duck.
Poor Kelsey took a spill in the mud and was covered so she got a jacket put on. Then we climbed the outdoor seating.
Walking the stairs together. It always makes us nervous when they hold hands on stairs though because one of these times they are going to tumble. Neither has THAT great of balance!
We always have a great time on walks with our friends! Thanks Cami and Kelsey and thank you good weather!

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

While You Were Gone

So Matt and Sadie went up to Washington for the weekend of march 14th-16th. I was really sad to see them go, especially my baby, since I had never been away from her but it ended up being really nice for me. I had lots of time to hold Scout and pay attention to her and a lot of time to do some things that I wanted to do.
My first project was to make this for Matt…
Obviously this is a March Madness bracket on our wall. I was so excited to make this for Matt. This is when he was putting them up as they announced the teams. We made pizza while doing this…
Look what I got for Sadie! I was so excited and I thought Matt would love it.
We also made some cookies and someone really enjoyed the chocolate chips…IMG_0058
I also while they were gone did a puzzle while watching Gilmore Girls. This is a puzzle from our Honeymoon.
I Also made the girls tutus which you will see in my St. Patrick’s Day post. Smile
I did a lot of other things, like rearrange furniture and clean and organize but those were the fun things Smile
I enjoyed my time but I was really happy to have them back!