It's a Girl~

It's a Girl~

Tuesday, January 23, 2018

Scout is 4!

We have been celebrating Scout's birthday for like a week now since my Mom was leaving today for Callie's house.
We went to Build-a-Bear for Sadie's birthday last year and Scout has been dying to go ever since so we started with that last Thursday. We went down to the mall and I had to make sure that Sadie knew it was Scout's choice and I would take her out if she tried to force her will on Sadie. Scout tends to give in to Sadie much of the time so we had to make it clear :)
She ended up choosing an Elsa bear with an Elsa dress, shoes and Frozen underwear. She loved putting the heart and the bubble gum scent in her tummy. (Matt calls it Bubble gum gut--Scout always corrects him and says Bubble Gum Tummy!--he calls Sadie's Bubble gum butt since hers is in the butt). This is a fun tradition they get to do from Grammy and Grampy.
We went to the Zoo for Free Day and had a blast there as well! The kids loved seeing every thing.
We went to Chuck-E-Cheese yesterday to celebrate with Grammy too. (My kids are so spoiled!) We got there right when it opened and the games all had tickets sticking out so
I ditched the kids with my mom and ran around grabbing them before the other kids got them. It was so much fun. Caleb loved all the cars and moving ones. Scout loved those ones too. Sadie liked earning tickets. We had pizza there and a cookie pie thing too. Chuck-E came out and we danced with him and he gave us free tickets. Scout loved it.


Grammy left to go on the airplane this morning but Scout got to eat Trolls cereal for breakfast. She opened some hair chalk (a present) and we colored all their hairs. They did Caleb too. I wish I had taken more pictures. Grammy left some Peppa Pig bath stuff on the table so the kids had to take a long bath. Knox was depressed and sat on the bed with me almost the whole time. He likes to lay on the baby in my tummy. We hung out for a while and then took Sadie to school.
Scout got to do ABC mouse and watch a show or two while Caleb and Mommy napped. We picked Sadie up and Grampy was home so we went sledding. It was cold but the kids loved it. We sledded until the sun was going down and then ran inside.
Scout was given a bug container and bugs from Grandma Laura and she was so excited. (She also gave her a fox and a rainbow unicorn ball shooter thing but the bugs were the hit). Daddy had highly recommended that from his mom so she was good to get it and to explain that Matt loved doing all those things when he was little.
They got to out in the hot tub with Grampy which they love!! We talked to Matt on Skype and then played with glow sticks in their room.
We are so glad that Scout joined our family!
She is the best big sister to Caleb and the best little sister to Sadie. She is constantly working to make both of them happy.
She loves Knox and giving him love.
She is a quick learner and seems to love learning.
She knows 90% of her letters if not more. She knows her numbers too.
She loves her hamsters on ABC Mouse. She talks about getting real ones :/
She loves going in the hot tub and jumping on the trampoline.
She loves her family and gets anxious about going any place without us.
She still pinches as a calming habit.
Love you Scout!

Saturday, September 24, 2016


Grandma got the girls dresses and we surprised them with a couple of other things as well. The girls and I got the Goofy movie for Matt.

Scout didn't look so good. But Sadie and I were actually feeling quite terrible this weekend. I didn't want the girls to miss out on the fun though so out they went.

They did such a fun Easter Egg hunt for our ward kiddos before church. It was so fun and they had a lot of eggs.

One of our friends convinced her husband to dress up. Haha. He looks quite scary though.

Checking out the goods.

The girls were so excited. Poor Sadie was struggling.

Scout enjoyed her goodies.

This is how Sadie and I felt. We actually went to Urgent Care the night before this to get checked out. I had the worst sore throat EVER. It hurt so bad and Sadie and I struggled to eat, sleep and talk. It was terrible. Sadie's tongue and mouth was white. Urgent care didn't really have any good info for us. We don't have strep. That is it. They diagnosed Sadie's whiteness in her mouth to something Matt found on the internet that the doctor there agreed with. Later the pediatrician said it was probably not that. So basically useless. We stopped by to get a prescription and Matt found some Easter candy for the girls the next morning. I hurt so bad I cried. Poor Matt didn't know what to do so he bought us a shake in the hopes that would help. The good news is that it went away.

We had an Easter party for Lawsa as well. The girls loved seeing Fiona.

We had some fun checking out the Spring babes at Chrissy's house. Doggies, chicks, bunnies.
The girls were very freaked out about the chick on their shoulder. Don't be fooled by their smiles.


Friday, September 23, 2016

My new Baby

So we dabbled with getting a bigger car. I knew I wanted an 8 seater. Matt wanted a Toyota or the Odyssey so we looked for a bit. Interestingly enough once we decided we were going to do it Matt went and sold our car. I was shocked. He did it while we were in Washington so I spent some time looking at vehicles up there. I thought we would wait until we had looked for a while and found a good deal since Baby wasn't due for a bit longer. But he was gungho. So being carless we needed to find a new one.
We looked but I was extremely picky about having an 8 seater so that I could have all three kids right behind me. I figured we could always take out that middle middle seat later. Poor Matt was probably really frustrated. Anyway we found one in Hurricane and went down and got it. I LOVE it. :)
Welcome to the family Sienna.

St. Pattys

I don't think Scout was feeling well.

We did some decorations
They had an activity at the multipurpose room for the kids.

We had a quad picnic later. I love our quad.

I hope to make holidays fun for my kids. I think that celebrating little stuff is so fun.

Thursday, September 22, 2016

Washington, My Home

I had been wanting to go up to Washington to visit Matt's family so when Aaron had nothing to do for a week we headed out. Aaron was a champ and helped with the kids and driving. I appreciated all his help. We drove to Moses Lake and picked up Clark, staying at Jessica's parent's house for the night. It was fun to see Jessica and chat with her all morning before she had to go to work and us up to the Hoffmans.
My kids were so excited to sit by Clark, hence why he was in the middle.
It was a challenge to get those carseats in.
We need a bigger car.
Five minutes in to the drive it went like this.
Luckily 20 minutes after that it was A-Okay and we kept going.
We stopped for a bit to check this out.
They wouldn't take my card here so I had to scrounge for change.
The guy in the store was nice and charged me less, but I went and got change out of the car to pay him back. Talk about an embarrassing events with a nice gesture!
 We finally got to Grandma's house and we were thrilled to be out of the car. Unfortunately Grandma wasn't there. But we hid when she and Seth got home and surprised Seth.
We were able to torture the doggie here too. But Tag is not as easily torturable as Lucy.
Scout up to her antics.
I tried to take the kids for a walk but Clark wanted nothing to do with me. He screamed anytime I tried to do anything with him so Aaron took the reigns.
The kids with Grandma!
Grandma was so nice and created an Easter egg hunt with the kids and did some St. Patrick's stuff as well. It was so fun and the kids loved their prizes.
Grandma took us to the bouncy house place and the kids had a blast. Aaron too.
 We had some fun times together. It was definitely good to see Grandma and spend some time with her.
It was a long  drive back but the kids were great. It was snowing in the mountains so we got a slow start but we finally made it.