It's a Girl~

It's a Girl~

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

A Pregnancy Later

My baby is 9M~! I can’t believe it! Her 9M was Monday but we went in to the doctors today. She didn’t have to get any shots so that was nice but…she did have her toe pricked to see her blood counts and what not. Didn’t even fuss about that until the Man doctor came in. She is not a big fan of men at the moment (besides her Daddy of course).

Here are her stats:

Weight: 18.41lbs     54.64% (down from 68.94)

Length: 28.25in       73.95% (up from 66.51)

Head Cir.: 17.75      82.71% (up from 78.17)

So pretty much she is growing well but is leveling off a bit for weight.

So…I might have gone crazy taking pictures…so you can look at however many you want and then you can stop Smile 

But I just think that all the pictures are so cute of her…

heeehee. Biased…

Here are some things about Sadie…

1. She thinks her parents are crazy.


2. She knows how to “pass” the ball to her Daddy!


3. She can drink through straws and loves doing it. And she will even share and put it in our mouths. 


4. She still has her hemangioma…(takes 2-8 years to go away).


5. No teeth yet…but she is still gumming on EVERYTHING.


6. She is now crawling all over the place and “chasing” us when we leave the room.


7. She makes the BEST faces.















8. She is almost waving (she only waves at the mirror and very rarely skype.)


9. She doesn’t like to wear her sunglasses…We are training her for this summer.


10. We LOVE her SO Much!


Thursday, February 21, 2013

Magnet Queen

Grammy has been giving magnets from all the places that she has gone. They have been nice until now and now they are awesome. Sadie loves playing with them. Especially the ones that move. And it is nice because I can do other things while she is entertained. And as long as she keeps her binky in, no magnets go in her mouth! Yay!
So, I saw face magnets on Pinterest and decided to do my own version of them with the supplies that I have!
Just to add a few more to the collection!
Thanks Grammy and Daddy for Sadie’s fun magnets!

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Marriott Party

We went to this party two years ago and it was a blizzard driving back. It was awful. But this year it was really clear and nice outside and so we decided to take the drive up to Park City for the event. Look how cute these siblings are. And so nice too! We just love them!


The food was really good—in fact, Matt was really upset with himself that he didn’t go back for 2nds, 3rds, and 4ths. haha. IMG_5130

Sadie was the only baby there. We almost did not come because we were not really supposed to bring her but…everyone got a kick out of her and several people came over to hold her.


We gave Sadie to Trevin who entertained her while we danced. Trevin told Mary Alice that Sadie started to cry but then Trevin started to talk baby talk to him and she became happy and talked to him back. They had a good time and she loves him now.


Here is a family picture. It was the best that we could do but I still think it is plenty cute. Smile


We had a really good time. We danced and ate and talked and it was wonderful! Thank you Jess, Mary Alice, Emily and Trevin for inviting us!

Valentine’s Party

I told Matt in January that I wanted to host a Valentine’s Family Dinner and go all out. He was a good sport and agreed to it. I e-mailed out to a bunch of people to get valentines from them and surprise everyone with them. Unfortunately I didn’t prepare enough in advance so we were scrambling before the party but it turned out as good as I had hoped. Matt was wonderful and made the pizzas while I decorated and printed out valentines for people. IMG_4945IMG_4984
Half of the pizza is pepperoni and half is cheese. The other pizza had several meats and things on it. The men loved that one. He was a good sport to make it heart shaped as well even though I was frustrating him with my request/demands. I made name tags for the event and put a pile of Valentines down for them.
I didn’t make valentines. Oops but we gave them these hot chocolate things and some perfumed (donated by Jenny Buck).
We had salad and fruit at the beginning. I tried to cut the fruit into hearts with my heart cookie cutters. I tried to do the carrots as well but Daniel took over those and didn’t want to work THAT hard.
I made these mini conversation heart cheesecakes for the event as well. They were delicious. I love cheesecake.
Here is the star of my show.
So I saw that cutout heart shape in the cardboard and thought we should take pictures with lovers in it. Mei-Ling thought that I came up with that in advance...heeheehee.
And of course I couldn’t resist taking pictures of Sadie (and a few of Clark).
I love those eyes!
Here are the cousins!
And the King and Queen of Hearts! (We played hand and foot after we ate!)
I had so much fun planning and preparing for this party. And although it wasn’t exactly how I planned it, it turned out just as well as I had wanted. Thank goodness my husband is such a good sport! Talk about a good egg! (oops, wrong holiday)