It's a Girl~

It's a Girl~

Monday, May 30, 2011


I graduated!!!! YAY. In case you couldn’t tell from the title. Smile Here are some pictures I took while I was in line outside waiting.


Here are some of the kids in my major Smile As many as I could grab.


By my friends Holly and Aubrey.


Hinckley Alumni Center! YAY!


Aubrey, her fiancé and me.


The speeches were really good.


Taking pictures


The bling


And the beautiful Y Smile

Honeymoon Hair

So after a week of having my hair like this…


Yes Willow, I also whip my hair back and forth Smile


I took it out and this is what it looked like. Smile


I have always wondered how it would feel Smile


Whoops, I think my hair is stabbing Matt’s eye. Sorry!


So fun! I had to wash my hair three times before it felt back to normal and not all greasy nasty like.

This is how we sleep.

Okay not really...but we think it is funny. Matt is a cover stealer so most nights I just get up and get a new blanket. I guess I am not a fighter in the middle of the night. Unlike the rest of the day :) Matt made our bed like this I guess so we wouldn't even have to deal with it anymore :) haha.

Wednesday, May 25, 2011


Matt and I use a folding table as our kitchen table because the kitchen is a little awkward. There is something on every wall so we can't use it for a table. AND, we do not want one in the middle. Who doesn't want to sport a folding table anyway? He loves posing for the pictures

Call Me

This is what my husband wrote on my hand the other day. I called him :)

Monday, May 23, 2011

Student Teaching

These are from the last day. I thought that they were amusing so I am going to share them. One of the students gave Kristen Chambers and I our shirts. Kristen was my “companion” for student teaching because there were so many of us. P1050122P1050127P1050133


Did I tell you that Matt is good at Tennis? I went to his class one day and took some pictures. The people he was playing with were a little confused. ahaha. Who is she taking pictures of? :)
Just my sweet hubby

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Cruise Pictures

Mom Catron really wanted us to buy a picture from the cruise ship. They are fairly expensive but we promised that we would. Matt was generous and let me buy 3!!! Here they are!

This first picture is from getting on the ship for the first time. Every time you get on and off the ship they want to take pictures of you. It was pretty funny. I liked this one (even though wee had taken a red eye and didn't get much sleep and I still couldn't hear from the plane) because it says the date and the ship that we were on.

This one is from the formal night. Well, the second one. We did not take pictures the first formal night. :) But I thought that this one was fun, and a little more formal than the other two. And it is pretty with all the fall leaves...even though it is Spring :)

 The last one is just, well funny, and we both liked it. Can you blame us? Those are the three that we chose out. There were some other ones, but they were so formal and not quite as fun. Someday our kids will be able to see Matt's personality really well eh?

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Home. :)

Here are some pictures that we took of the apartment when it was empty and clean. Here is what it looks like. Sorry that they are not the greatest pics.

Missed Opportunities

Matt keeps pointing out all these opportunities to take pictures that I keep missing. Saturday night when we were cooking bacon in the bathroom and waffles in the front room because the power went out in the back half of the apartment. Our crazy extension cord ideas to keep the fridge plugged in. The crazy mess. Our new toys. Etc. Anyway, so this blog is not as colorful as I usually would like it. Sigh. Oh well.

Blog Attack

For some reason…the blog that I created deleted itself. Awkward. So the honeymoon post with all the comments is gone. WAHHHHH. Anyway, Matt was sweet and recreated it so that we could save our name. Good thing huh?

Monday, May 16, 2011



The Dallas Airport had a really cool statue thing. Smile Even though we were running to our connection we stopped for one. Thanks Matt!


This is not our cruise ship but it looks pretty much the same as ours. They went to all the same stops as us too.


I am waving to the other boat. Smile


The Miami coast is really pretty. Matt even spotted a dolphin in the bay area as we were pulling out so I was really happy.


We went in the O2 Club for the 15-17 years olds. Carnival is the “fun” cruise line. And it was fun. It is a good one to take kids on because there is babysitting and something for them to do all the time.


The room was shaped like a Monopoly game. I of course, had to pose by the engagement ring.


Matt is so good looking with his new hat Smile


So Strong.


This was in the Casino—so naturally we had to sit on the camel.


The servers were singing “Happy Honeymoon to you…”


They always provided entertainment during the meals. One song we had to wave our napkins.


Every night they had folded towels on our bed. They cleaned our room twice a day. We liked the little doggie.


We are in Mexico in the pictures. This is our boat. We took the small boat over to the mainland.


On the boat. Some man with a guitar sang to us on the way over. Everyone wanted tips, including him.


We went to COBA.


They said only 40% has been uncovered because they only use paint brushes, toothbrushes and something else small.


The one that we climbed.


He is my Myan man


Me too. Smile



It was so pretty at the top!


Matt loves this one. Probably because he is jumping higher than me. haha


Pictures of us and the sign for Coba. Matt got eaten by the alligator.


The gorilla and my new hair from Belize. It took about an hour to do and cost me 20 dollars plus a tip.


Cute elephant!!


Honduras. Here Matt and I took a taxi far away and went to a beach on the other side. It was beautiful. We went snorkeling. That was a lot of fun. We also bought a couple of things…well I did. I will post a picture. I love my purchase.


This was our excursion in Grand Cayman. We went out of a boat and snorkeled. It was not as good as the beach in Honduras but it was still nice.


Jumping off the boat. Matt was a good jumper and did it a couple times.


With the sign.


This was our table. We were at the same table with these people the whole week. We sat with Alyssa and Jamie from Canada. They were nice kids who have been dating for a month. This was her Christmas present. The three in the front were our servers. The one on the far left loved Matt. “My boy…My Boy…” He loved that Matt would eat a few entrees and a few appetizers too.


The last night trying to get the sunset. It was really pretty.


There was always unlimited ice cream and hot chocolate so I was so happy that we got food.


Here was our hotel in Florida. The planes flew literally right over. It was SO loud.


Here we are so sad to get in the car and go back to our reality. But that’s okay. Matt said we could go again when our tenth boy goes on his mission. Smile