It's a Girl~

It's a Girl~

Saturday, September 29, 2012

Lost and Found Sale

Matt made the mistake (in his words) of reminding me about the Lost and Found sale BYU does. I was really excited and told him I was going up early to get in line. He laughed at me and said he wasn't going but I was determined. I drove up and then Sadie and Matt came up later. I was like 100 people back but if we had gotten there when Matt did we would have been way further! I got there at 8am.
Sadie was really tired as you can tell by the picture. Her eyes are open in the bottom one but I don't think she was real happy about being woken up that early. haha. Below is a picture of Sadie and Me in front of the crowds. Matt and Sadie got there with about 20 minutes to go. Smart to bring the stroller I though so we could just throw things in it. It proved very useful--that is for sure.
A family picture. Sorry about the was even worse from the other angle.  
 We ran in and started grabbing things. I grabbed mostly sports equipment. The tables all had randoms things on it to spread everything out. There were people everyone but mostly everyone was curteous. They did not have a lot of baby stuff and I saw a cup I wanted to Sadie but I was in the jewelry line and couldn't go get it. It was gone by the time I got out of there. The jewelry line was because it was all portioned off. You had to go and look for five minutes and then your group of ten was done and got kicked out. They had super nice calculators, watches and rings galore and some other things as well (like flash drives). I didn't see anything I liked in there which was a bummer because I waited so long to get in there. Bummer! Matt kept looking around.
Finally, most everything good was taken off the tables and we went to look at our loot. The group next to us had just grabbed a ton of stuff and then decided later what they wanted so we "vultured" around them and waited. When they were done we grabbed some of there stuff including some Christmas presents for Matt's family and some camelbak water bottles for me.
There was also an auction going on with cameras and IPADs but we weren't even going to try that. not worth it.
We ended up putting some things back too and then Matt went and bought everything while I went and fed Sadie. We ended up getting 28 items for $39.75. And for once, I didn't buy anything for myself. I wasn't really expecting to find anything--I did look at the jewelry but nothing there...The two most expensive items was a football and a kickball. We also got two basketballs, two soccer balls and a couple other items. It was soooo great! I am so glad that we went! Hopefully we can go next time too!
Sadie was really hungry. I felt bad because we got caught up in the sale and didn't feed her for 30 mins later than I was supposed to. Good thing she is so good-natured. And good thing I fed her...because she was loads eyeing my chocolate milk that Matt let us buy. Look at that jealous tongue!
We also tried our first bacon donut. It is so interesting the fascination with bacon and food. Bacon ice cream is really popular too now. Strange. It was okay but nothing to brag about.
Here is Sadie posing with the football.
And Matt showing off our prizes!
It was so fun and I am excited to give our gifts! Because I love everything about gifts! The giving, receiving, buying, etc. Thank you Matt for a really fun activity! Poor Matt had to go to work and work all night after this!

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Happy birthday aaron


aar (cuddly) bear turned 18 today, it was his golden birthday, we were lucky to be there.  he is growing into a fine young intellect.  he will one day do great things for our country.


he got great reading material for his birthday.  This will help develop him into a well rounded man.

Video call snapshot 26Video call snapshot 28Video call snapshot 29

…eat oatmeal for breakfast.



he is very serious in his study of science.

Video call snapshot 31

undoubtedly this will propel his curious mind to more elevated clouds of thought.


he received the story(fortune) telling kit to continue to his careful planning of his future, and others futures as well.

Video call snapshot 25

(don’t even try and tell jillian her future)


I am remiss to bring this up, however seth stole the spotlight from his older brother aaron, on aarons special day.  seth graciously donated the remains of his 3 day old birthday cake to aaron.  what a good chum

Video call snapshot 3

(this picture was taken before the ceremony)

Video call snapshot 6

Video call snapshot 24Video call snapshot 7Video call snapshot 15Video call snapshot 16Video call snapshot 22

happy birthday~!

Sunday, September 23, 2012

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Swingin’ Family Dinner

Thanks to a tradition Kara and Callie kept going (mostly Kara) the Hoffman family now has regular family dinners. I wanted us to get together while we are all still in Provo. Starting next year, as Daniel goes to medical school and us to law school we might not all be together! Gotta do it now!
Daniel and Jessica hosted this one. They served taco soup.
The sleeping babies.

Jessica and Daniel and the twins (Jessica’s brothers)
The new place they live at has a little playground to play on.
We decided to take some pictures.
Look at this cool swing they had there for the babies! And Sadie’s cute new cowgirl boots.
Here are some family pictures Daniel took for us.
Daniel loves the babies. He was making her smile and giggle.
this is Sadie’s friend Landon. He was born on July 6th.
Matt sent Sadie down the slide. Love the static hair.
Sadie loves her Aunt Kristin. Smile
It was a fun day. Daniel took some more picture because I ran out of memory but is holding them hostage…

Tuesday, September 18, 2012


Sadie likes to sit to and look around. She finally decided that she would sit in her bumbo Smile Yay!
I love the faces she is making! And those feet!

Monday, September 17, 2012

Go BYU Football!

We took Sadie to her first football game the other night. It was against Washington State. It was a little cold that night as it had been raining so we put on her sweats and walked over. After the initial nervousness, she decided that she liked the game because of all the bright lights and big green blob (the field).
First BYU Game
Daniel came with us since Kristin bought a pass and couldn’t come.
Concentrating on the game. They game out free pom-poms again. Sadie didn’t know what to think about that.
Cosmo wants to give you all a BIIIG Hug!
The game started at 8:15 so we didn’t get home until after 11. Sadie slept for 7 hours straight…I guess it really wiped her out!