It's a Girl~

It's a Girl~

Thursday, September 29, 2011

Go Marching Band!

Hopes were high as we prepared the week before to meet our rivals, the Utes. We wore blue all week, egged Utah cars and ate blue brownies. Okay, we didn’t really do any of that, but we were excited for the game against Utah. We got to the game 40 minutes early and watched as the teams prepared. I went down to the field to sign Matt up to shoot the cannon. We got the second score. I was excited. At last, my love would get to shoot the cannon on what was sure to be a good game.

We found our seats on the other side of the field and enjoyed watching and talking before the game. While I was signing Matt up to shoot the cannon there was a giant line of ROTC men holding the flag. The line went all the way up the stairs in the back. It was a cool sight. Because it was so long, if we wanted to go through that area we went under the flag. Hopefully that was not disrespectful!

garden, owls game, ans more 037

They then did this big thing about our Independence! And we all sang the national anthem. I thought there was supposed to be a flyover, especially since my students and I saw them preparing the day before, but alas, I guess it was a no go.

garden, owls game, ans more 040garden, owls game, ans more 041garden, owls game, ans more 042

I thought it was cool how they refolded it.

Since it was the Deseret First Duel, Deseret Bank sponsored Pom-Poms for a majority of the student sections. It was kind of neat to see them flicking at the same times to the songs. Matt, of course, LOVED his. I couldn’t get him to put it down ALL night! Winking smile

garden, owls game, ans more 045garden, owls game, ans more 047

And, of course, since the theme this year is to “Rise Up,” there were a million banners saying jut that.

garden, owls game, ans more 049garden, owls game, ans more 054

And I was pleasantly surprised to have fireworks! They were really cool looking!

garden, owls game, ans more 053

It was definitely a great start to the game. Probably the best I had been to. We, the fans, were pumped and ready for the game…

That Started Bad.

And Ended worse.

So instead of talking about the game, I will talk about the highlights. Smile

Number One: The beautiful sunset behind Lavell Edwards Stadium.

garden, owls game, ans more 062garden, owls game, ans more 064garden, owls game, ans more 068

Number Two: We did score. And Matt got to shoot the cannon.

garden, owls game, ans more 069garden, owls game, ans more 072garden, owls game, ans more 078garden, owls game, ans more 080garden, owls game, ans more 082

Unfortunately, I was too busy jumping up and down in the air to get a picture of Matt pulling the rope. sorry…

Number Three: The BYU Marching band. By far, the coolest part of the night. They made a man on the field and had him walk. It was SO cool. I forgot to take a picture and couldn’t find one on the internet.

Number Four: Good company.

garden, owls game, ans more 092

This must be after 5 fumbles.

garden, owls game, ans more 094

Some friends from the pool.

Anyway, the game was four hours long…and it felt longer, unfortunately. It was only embarrassing when we were losing by 3 touchdowns. After, that I was just numb to it all. But, being the awesome fans that we are, we stayed the entire game.

garden, owls game, ans more 096garden, owls game, ans more 097

Pretty much sum s it u.

garden, owls game, ans more 100

7 fumbles. Whoops. Better luck next year I guess.

Wednesday, September 28, 2011


Happy days will come to you all year

I could make noodles and you can pass(on your free meal)
then we can stay at home and save on gas

but you are the favorite wife of mine
lets go to noodles and company any time



On this day day 22 years ago Jame Elaine was born,  For most of the avid readers of our blog, I'm sure this will come as a surprise.  This will most likely be the first place you have learned of this breaking news.  She has managed to stay alive after all these years....
....Unfortunately some of her friends have not been so lucky.   

Shes been a regular visitor at the...

...she tells me she just likes the bed there...\=];

I think her previous picture was taken after she tried to have me sacrificed to the mayan gods...
i bailed her out because i love her and then Jamie paid an assassin to take me out

 An innocent bystander took this next picture while i was struggling for my life... looks like she is laughing

Jamie was last  spotted (looking good) making a get away and jumping off into the deep blue.

She plans on enjoying her 23rd year of life!!!...
Maybe she can even have a more eventful year than this year...

...she only got married...and graduated...and went on her first cruise...and earned diabetes last  year!!!

I love you Jamie, I'm glad we are married you are my favorite.

Good thing about getting older...

...We are allowed in the adult only section !!!! 

its not like a bar or any thing...just for mature people like us.

Happy Birthday Jamie...I love   you Jamie!!!

Tuesday, September 27, 2011


so far we’ve pulled in:

16 zucchini

garden, owls game, ans more 006

25 cherry tomatoes

5 cucumbers

8 jalapenos

2 branches of green onions

4 heads of broccoli and like 10 small chunks

garden, owls game, ans more 003


Countless larger tomatoes

We are soon harvesting some carrots and some corn (and pumpkins in the next month!)

Saturday, September 17, 2011

Family Pictures

Matt's Family 932Matt's Family 936

Jon trying to get everyone together and smiling…

Matt's Family 941

The best one…I can’t tell if my eyes are open though.

Matt's Family 946

I don’t know what my husband is thinking.

Matt's Family 953

hmm. Not very successful.

Matt's Family 955

Excuse the giant bare midriff in the middle.

Matt's Family 957

If this picture described our personalities…what would it say?

Friday, September 16, 2011

Christina’s Birthday Party

Matt's Family 959

Her present pile…hey it was bigger than it looked.

Matt's Family 965

One of my favorite wedding presents. Last one from Costco.

Matt's Family 966

Posing with Matt’s new shoes he was showing off (by leaving them in the front room and saying “Oh whoops, did I leave my brand new shoes out. My Sauconys? My bad—oh did you want to look at them?”)

Matt's Family 974Matt's Family 976


Matt's Family 977Matt's Family 996

Eating some food.

Matt's Family 1004Matt's Family 1005

We love presents…and we make good faces too.

Matt's Family 1030

Matt really wanted to get in one.

Matt's Family 1027

The Motherload.