It's a Girl~

It's a Girl~

Thursday, September 4, 2014

July 4th and 5th

Everyone was really helpful so that was such a blessing. In fact, just about everyone held Scout for me while we were there. She slept on just about everyone too. I wish I had gotten more pictures of the people that held her but here is just a small picture of who did.

Lake Winnipesauke1

We had devotional every morning. It was good to have all the young folks do a devotional.


On the 4th we went down to the general store that is pretty famous for the area. Mom gave us all 5 dollars to buy something. I wanted to find some Christmas ornaments for the girls to show where they had been. The ones I found were SUPER cute! I also let Sadie pick out some candy for herself. She was so excited!


Chrissy and I went paddle boarding after that and were joined by the Aunties and Mom. We finished that off with some hot tub time!


Andrew was good to watch the girls for a bit!


Emily was so good with all the kids. They loved her too. Here she is watching three two year olds. They were jumping all over her.


We were blessed to get to hear Grandpa Hatch talk to us about this wonderful country, followed by our lovely Grandma Hatch. We are so blessed to be able to get such an inside scoop to our government. They understand more about the freedoms we have than most Americans.


Unfortunately the weather was terrible, we had some crazy thunderstorms so there were no fireworks. This is how Sadie felt about that.


Haha. I know this one is blurry but I loved seeing them with their Aunt Chrissy. They all love her!


Everyone else left the morning of the 5th but we were blessed to get to stay until the afternoon. We played in the morning. The water was super choppy but it was still fun.


Dad told me to go out on the Seadoo. It was freezing and the wind blew the water into my face so I didn’t last long doing that.


I forgot that I had gotten some sparklers for the girls at the general store so we had to hurry and light them before we left for the airport. Aunt Chrissy was nice to help them do that while we got everything ready to go.


We were lucky and got to fly to Chicago with Grammy, Grampy and Chrissy. They held the babies for me and helped them nap.


They stayed on the airplane at Chicago and we got off. We were super sad. Lucky for us though, they had people get off the airplane so we got to hang out with them for a little longer in the airport. After they left the people in line with me for our second flight saw how pathetic I looked with my two kids and I had several people ask if they could help me. That was really sweet because I was close to having a meltdown.


We got on the plane and both kids had meltdowns. I was holding it together (I was tired and sad to leave my family) until some guy came and sat in our extra seat even though there were like 5 other open ones. We were in the last row too. And he didn’t say a word to us. So I started crying too. It was pathetic. He didn’t talk to us the whole flight and didn’t help at all so that was a little hard. I usually pray when I am flying by myself that I will be fortunate enough to sit by people who will help me and who like kids. I had forgotten this flight though so I guess it serves me right!  It was a pretty sunset!


We survived the three hour flight though and look who was waiting for us at the gate!!! I was so happy to see him and to have his help getting us all out of the airport. We were happy to see our Daddy!