It's a Girl~

It's a Girl~

Friday, January 18, 2013

WE could probably fly again.

Sadie did a great job on our airplane flights.
She made it through security without crying or complaining…or setting off the metal detectors.
She studied up on the flight safety pamphlet.
Got her toys ready for the flight and in her seat belt.
She got wide eyes at all the right parts.
She checked to make sure all of the overhead bins were closed.
She checked out the people in front of us.
She told me to turn off my electronic device.
She looked out the window on takeoff.
Posed with mommy for a picture.
Enjoyed her drink.
Flirted with Daddy for a bit.
Was excited to land.
And kept her eyes out for Grandpa Hoffman to come get us.
Enough said.

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

A few pictures.

We took some pictures for Mom Hoffman and Grandma Betty for Christmas and took some for Jessica’s side as well. It was really amusing to put these babies together!
I love this baby so much! She is so stinkin’ cute!
Sadie loves spoons. Matt gave her a plastic stirring spoon once and that has just become her toy. It comes to church with us and is just loved by Sadie.
IMG_4123 - Copy
IMG_4124 - CopyIMG_4128 - CopyIMG_4129
Sadie and Landon were first up for practice. They are not cousins, but they are buds. Smile Landon is 6 weeks younger than Sadie and they LOVE to grab each other. I guess that is a phase. haha. Okay for each other…not so much for the brand new baby.
IMG_4099 - Copy
She and Landon took turns stealing the spoon from each other and smacking whatever was around them…including the other baby.
IMG_4121 - CopyIMG_4122 - Copy
They did a little bit of arm wrestling as well.
Landon is such a happy baby. But not when Sadie shoves him over! (to be fair, he pushed her over first!)
it wasn’t me!
I took some of just Sadie. She was being funny.
IMG_4135 - CopyIMG_4162
hahaha. Here is Sadie and Clark. Sadie does fine for a minute and then started to poke him and grab his face. Not so cool so her hands were restrained in the other pictures!
 IMG_4206 - CopyIMG_4213 - Copy
Everyone was a little mad about pictures taking too long and needing naps. So they all got binkys.
IMG_4192IMG_4194IMG_4196 IMG_4201 - Copy
Landon was so tired he was falling asleep in this one. So cute! He was much more tender with Clark.
We decided to torture Clark a little more.
IMG_4235 - Copy - Copy
I love my baby girl and I love that she is so sweet and happy!
IMG_4244 - Copy (2) - Copy

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Christmas Card Book.

I wanted to save my Christmas cards from this year and they are so cute that I didn’t want to throw them out. So I stole the idea from Catron Ladies blog. You pick a different color each year and put the pictures on that color of cardstock. Then you put them in a binder. Good d├ęcor right? Not to mention as that blog says, you can track families throughout the years. And watch your own grow of course!



Monday, January 14, 2013

Sadie wiping th dust off our piano

Stalking Chrissy

Chrissy called me from one of the President's cell phones yesterday asking for something from me. So naturally I tried to find her on her temple walk yesterday. It was freezing cold. I walked around for like ten minutes before deciding it was in my best interest to go get back in my car. I couldn't feel either hand or my feet. Weird numb feelings. So I sat in my car for a while and then finally just walked over to the MTC to drop it off at the front desk. I was totally sad that I didn't see her though! But that is just as well since we are not suposed to see her anyway. :) But here are some pictures I took while I was there.


I love this one. The sun seems to be going straight through the middle of that cloud!