It's a Girl~

It's a Girl~

Wednesday, February 10, 2016

MeiLing's Wedding

Matt and the girls left before me to go up to Washington. I left the day after and got to take little planes that landed on the tarmac.
Girlfriend wasn't feeling well. So she did a lot of this...

We had MeiLing's rehearsal dinner. Her wedding is going to be at this gorgeous house on the lake close to the Hoffman's house.
The next morning we had dinner at a restaurant that the Hoffman's love. It was pretty good. Dad Hoffman just leaves when he is ready and then everyone else sort of shows up when they wake up. It was a fun crowd to eat with.
Afterwards Matt took Sadie in to urgent care because she had a high fever and just slept all the time. Turns out she has croup. Great. Highly contagious to all the other babies. Poor thing though, she felt so terrible for the first long bit.
She looks super energetic in these pictures but it didn't last long.

The wedding was nice.
The problem with having a wedding right by the beach was that the kids were dying to get in the water. So, against my better judgment, the dad's let the kids get in the cold lake on a not so warm day.
The bride and groom.

Monday, February 8, 2016

Little Legs

Matt and I went to work and sent the kids with Uncle Seth and Aunt Kristin so play. They went up to their aunt's house to play. Unfortunately, something happened on the trampoline and Scout came back crying.
A couple hours later when I got home girlfriend was still crying. It seemed as if her foot was hurt. We didn't think too much of it though and tried to go to sleep but she did not sleep well. In the morning we decided it would be smart to take her in to the doctor.
 I took her in while Matt watched Sadie. She was calm but still seemed to be in some pain. The nurse checked her and then sent in the doctor.
She told us that she thought it was a fracture in her leg and asked us to go get some x-rays. We took some x-rays and then they wrapped her up.
She was very sad. Obviously.
Here are some pictures of the x-rays.  
A couple days later we went to the pediatric orthopedics where they wrapped her up in pink.
Isn't she adorable? 3 weeks with this bad boy on there.

Friday, February 5, 2016

Chrissy Graduate

We had such a good time with Grammy and Grampy down in Moab. It was a blast being at Uncle Brent's house in Moab. Beautiful scenery and place to be. We did a bunch of hikes and had a great time.

Grampy and Grammy are so good with the babies. They are just so generous with their time and energy.

We love spending time with family. On our drive home we saw this Lightning McQueen car and Sadie was excited so we had to stop and take pictures.

Wednesday, February 3, 2016

4 th of July 2015

I am always sad when we are gone of the 4th of July because we miss the parade in Provo. We had a blast looking at everything and seeing everyone.
We went to a park for a BBQ and the playground was so fun. It was sooo hot though and I was worried about the playground things burning the sweetlings.

Here are some of the people that came but Kristin and Seth and Andrea were there as well. It was so fun and anytime I get watermelon I am happy :)

We bought a couple of fireworks and did them with the kids. Scout was fascinated but Sadie did not enjoy the noise.

 We took them up Y mountain to see some fireworks but it was crowded and the kids were out so we just went home. It was a really fun day and we had a blast.

Monday, February 1, 2016

River Trip

 The Catron family got some permits for the Snake river and so we headed out to the campground. We got there a little later than everyone and just barely got to say goodbye to the Ross Catron family. It was so good to see all of them as we rarely do.
Sadie and Scout loved seeing Grampy and Grammy and Chrissy.

Grampy found a snake and had to do the traditional around the neckness. Sadie wasn't having it but Scout loved it!

We took the kids down once. It was beautiful but still a little chilly. (It was good that we came when we did since it poured for everyone else that was there for the couple days before). It was great weather the whole time we were there.
Sadie liked it but Scout mostly just slept. She was tired.
We went over to Grand Teton national park and checked it out there for a while. We hiked a bit and enjoyed the beautiful mountains.

The girls loved this little area that had been blocked off in the river. They loved throwing rocks and looking around in there and it was just down the path from the campsite which was perfect!
 We waited at one of the rapids to see Daddy and Grampy go down a big rapid. (Big Kahuna?) I can't remember. It was a little scary because of the little cliff right there but it was fun to see them going.

Matt and I both cliff jumped up here. It was precarious as you see the picture of me shimming up the path on my belly to fit.


We loved spending time with this guy in his element.

Scout was in heaven with Uncle Dave's dog.

The girls like sleeping in the tent. We did glow sticks one night which was fun.

On our drive up we stopped and checked out these dinosaurs. It was awesome.

The kids decided to unpack their bags as we were driving.
We had a great time and were glad that we were able to make the trip up to go on the river. It was so fun spending time with Grammy and Grampy.