It's a Girl~

It's a Girl~

Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Midway Ice Castles

Grammy got us tickets to the ice castles for Scout's birthday present. They were so cool! It was freezing cold but we had a great time.
They take forever to make these things and they are beautiful!

Matt was a really good sport to be in so many pictures. And to take time to go. We love him!
We loved going through all the tunnels and caves and looking around. Matt and the girls crawled through all sorts of holes and areas. It was a blast but it was FREEZING so we didn't last too long. As we were leaving they started turning the lights on but we were too cold to stay. Going to the bathroom in the outhouses was basically the worst thing ever :)
These girls are my favorite. They were so fun playing around. They even had an ice slide for them to go down.
Crawling and squeezing.
A few family pictures
And some pictures of the beautiful ice!

Thanks Grammy. It was a blast. Even though we almost lost some fingers.

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